We strive to remain accessible to our community in all that we do. Please contact us with any questions or for more information: info@IntermediaArts.org  or 612.871.4444.

Wheelchair Accessibility
Our main building is accessible for wheelchair users. Our front entrance on Lyndale Ave offers van-accessible parking and an automatic door opener. Our parking lot is also van accessible. Additionally, there is an elevator to our mezzanine level, and a ramp to our lower level, along with wheelchair-accessible bathrooms and theater seating.

All of the bathrooms in our building are gender-neutral.

We offer scholarships, transportation, and sliding-scale tuition to many youth workshops, programs and events. Reduced ticket prices are available for advance sales, seniors, and students.

Screen Readers
Our website is designed with accessibility in mind. We post registration and application forms in MS Word in addition to PDF format in order to work with screen readers for the visually impaired.

Service Animals
We welcome service and assistance animals in our facilities.


Information about performances at other theaters that offer accommodations for patrons with
vision or hearing loss can be found at VSA Arts of Minnesota.