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Intermedia Arts Launches Artist-in-Residence Program
Intermedia Arts is proud to announce the launch of our Artist-in-Residence program, a new initiative offering support to community-engaged artists who actively seek to engage sustained community participation and foster positive social change as part of their artistic process. This program is  open to artists working in any of the following disciplines: visual, performing, literary, interdisciplinary, music, and media; who are based in the Twin Cities.

Intermedia Arts’ Artist in Residence program is uniquily focused on providing support and recognition for artists working in and with our local Twin Cities community. We developed this program for the Changemakers, organizers, and activators who are craving community-based interaction but lack the space to explore these relationships over a sustained period of time. Our Artist in Residence program offers a place for these local, community-engaged artists to play, experiment and interact with the public on a regular basis. We aim to be a place where artists can get out of their studios and find those connections to a community on a daily basis. Through this program, Intermedia Arts is fostering not just a connection between art community, but a direct connection and relationship between artists and community.
The Residency Experience
Intermedia Arts will support one artist per residency period, which may last from 6-18 months.  Resident artists are granted free 24-hr access to non-living studio space in our gallery, and a residency stipend. Resident artists are expected to work in the studio on a weekly basis during public gallery hours, participate in the organization’s public programming, and help to develop new programming opportunities for our participants. A public presentation of the artist’s work developed during the residency period is expeceted at the end of the residency.

Currently In-Residence
Intermedia Arts’ first artist-in-residence is critically-acclaimed interdisciplinary playwright, performer, and poet Robert Karimi. Over the course of his 18-month residency, Karimi will be hard at work and play on his new project, Diabetes of Democracy, an interdisciplinary theatrical experience incorporating music, documentary-style video, storytelling, political discussion and humor, as well as live cooking onstage, into a PBS-style “cooking show” focused on the epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes in communities of color. Diabetes of Democracy will premiere at Intermedia Arts in spring 2012. READ MORE ...
To learn more about this program, call or email us at: 612.871.4444 or Info@IntermediaArts.org

Intermedia Arts has earned local and national recognition for empowering artists and community leaders to use arts-based approaches to solve community issues.