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Creative CityMaking Projects
Electoral Engagement
in the Minneapolis City Clerk’s Office

Artist Jeremiah Bey will be working on the electoral engagement project, with the goal of nurturing a culture of electoral engagement.  Bey will work with department staff to help with communicating the value of electoral engagement to a range of residents, including through the use of media and forums that are not traditionally used.  Specific issues that will be addressed include:
  • Developing culturally specific ways to understand and communicate the value of the civil society and the electoral process to new immigrant communities;
  • Developing culturally specific ways to make legible and provide access to existing platforms for civic processes and decision making including boards, commissions and voting process;
  • Developing platforms for City staff to effectively engage with underserved communities;
  • Overcoming immediate barriers and motivating community interest in election processes and understanding their impacts.

Digital Equity
in the Information Technology (IT) Department

Artists Peter MacDonald and Kirk Washington, Jr. will be working on the digital equity project. Currently in the City of Minneapolis, disparities exist over age, race and income, which also map to geographic disparities of access and digital literacy skills. The department is working in collaboration with several organizations across Minneapolis to increase residents’ access to computers and the Internet, and to increase the technology skills within the community. The artists will join this team and help the IT department to better map and connect digital literacy skills to the technology assets in Minneapolis.
Tenant Voices
in the Regulatory Services Department

Artists Mankwe Ndosi and Reggie Prim will be collaborating with the Regulatory Services department focused primarily on the rental community.  The department/artist team will employ arts-based engagements to connect with and within underserved and underrepresented communities so that department policies are better aligned with the interests of the communities the department serves. Together, the department/artist team will be focusing on how to create more opportunities for tenant engagement and how to get input on improving services that address a growing and diverse population.  The artist team will work with City staff to help increase awareness on how tenant voices can be heard and engaged to inform operational and policy level decisions involving residential inspections. 
Creative Asset Mapping
in Community Planning and Economic Development - Long Range Planning Division

Artists E.G. Bailey and Shá Cage will work with department staff and consult with Minneapolis communities to identify important strengths and positive qualities in communities around the city, particularly in areas with the highest concentrations of poverty and people of color. Cedar-Riverside / West Bank is a focal location. These are important but intangible assets that communities value but that may not show up on a standard city map. For example, a community gathering place might be seen as an asset, or a person or informal network of people might be important to a community’s cohesion. The artists will seek to map and creatively represent those strengths in ways that the City can use to develop plans and policies- and the community can use to leverage opportunities and connection. 
The Blueprint for Equitable Engagement
in the Neighborhood and Community Relations department

Artists D.A. Bullock and Ariah Fine will work on this multi-year strategic action plan to ensure that the City seeks and values all community voices. The artists will focus on helping make sure neighborhood organizations, City boards and commissions, and City enterprise outreach and engagement groups reflect the communities they serve.


For more information, contact the Creative Leadership Department: CLDInfo@IntermediaArts.org