February 24, 2017

Tuning Into Live Music Fest
Arts & Media Leadership Associate

I have been looking forward to Friday’s Live Music Fest since I first heard about it a few weeks ago. One of my favorite things to do in my free time is attend concerts. I probably attend at least one every two weeks so this event was right up my alley and it definitely did not disappoint.
This was my very first Live Music Fest so I was unsure exactly what to expect when I walked in. I arrived a little before 6:30PM and met a number of people on the Youth Leadership Council. There were already quite a bit of people there talking amongst themselves before the doors opened. I also got to go into the theater beforehand and watch a little bit of the artists warming up and rehearsing. DJ Zeebruh already had music going when we walked in which only increased my anticipation for the event to start.

I was lucky enough to put my loud voice to good use and  be the one to announce that the doors were opening and the crowd soon lined up in excitement to enter the theater. The empty theater filled up rather quickly and was buzzing with music, laughter, and talking from the guests.

The lights dimmed and Simone Williams took the mic as MC for the night. They commanded attention with their spoken word to start things off. Simone had a way of connecting to the crowd which brought a great energy into the room as they introduced the first duo, Miles & Ruby.

The rap duo set the bar extremely high with their catchy lyrics and on stage presence. As soon as they came out, the entire crowd got out of their seats and ran towards the stage to dance. What was cool about them is they performed upbeat high tempo songs but also threw a ballad in there which really surprised me.

Up next was Destiny Anderson. Destiny captivated the audience with her larger than life dance moves. Watching Destiny, you couldn’t help but start dancing. Her movement was incredible. Destiny also took a break from dancing to recite some poetry she wrote about rape culture. Her words were strong and it was easy to see that they resonated with the audience.

After Destiny came Unknown Creatures who immediately brought something new to the table by having one of their members play the saxophone.
Following them was Radio Ahlee to be the final performance of the evening. Even after two and a half hours of dancing, the crowd was still energetic and Radio Ahlee knew just how to keep them going.

The entire show wrapped up a little after 9 and I have to say it was an awesome way to spend my Friday night. I was so impressed with the amount of talent from the artists as well as the organization of the whole event. These Live Music Fests are something special and I am eager to be able to attend more of them in the future.

Bella is a currently a junior at the University of Minnesota’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication with a passion of pursuing a career in Public Relations. Bella is minoring in leadership and her leadership qualities are evidenced by holding positions such as the PR/Marketing Director of Her Campus Minnesota, Entertainment Coordinator for the Edina Art Fair and Leadership Intern at Intermedia Arts. She is also growing her event planning experience through her internship at the 50th & France Business Association where she works to organize and develop events to strengthen the organization’s public image. One of Bella’s top values is positivity which she embodies in both professional and personal settings by constantly keeping a smile and good attitude. She enjoys spending her free time attending concerts and other live performances.