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MicroGrant Program

MicroGrant Program

Intermedia Arts' Creative Community Leadership Institute has a history of matching people who have a passion for change with the tools and experiences to achieve their goals and take their work to the next level by leveraging the power of arts and culture.

The Institute has trained over 200 of the region's most active change-makers, including community-engaged artists, community developers and organizers... people just like you!

In it’s first 6 months, the MicroGrant Program has engaged 10 Community Leaders and CCLI Alumni from various cohorts through direct funding for projects that have been a collaborative source for network development, programming exploration, community gatherings, arts-based community development and social time.

We invite you to send a brief description of an event you want to co-host with another Alum to connect Creative Community Leadership Institute participants, past and present and/or across the regional sites of the Creative Leadership: Fargo-Moorhead, Rapid City, Twin Cities, Twin Ports, and Southwest MN.

You may request up to $250 to co-host an event available to alumni to connect, create and strategize/create. This round will fund projects taking place through March 2019.

Use the funds to connect with other Alumni…
  • host an ideathon to workshop a project and identify next steps
  • throw a happy hour at a favorite spot to support continued Network Development in your community!
  • convene Open Space to address a community issue • throw an all ages BBQ with food and entertainment • organize a camping weekend on a group site
  • host a free pilot workshop to test out new ideas
  • kick start or energize an ABCD project by inviting an CCLI community • Host an Open Mic to get people talking
  • Engage Community in neighborhood garden development

… show us what you got!

  1. Must engage Institute alumni.
  2. Co-host your event with at least one other Alum or current Fellow in either your same cohort year or a different year.
  3. If you are pairing with someone from another Regional Site: ie Rapid City, Fargo, Twin Ports, Twin Cities, you are eligible for a $500 Budget Limit.
  4. Share documentation of the event with Intermedia Arts. After the event, send a few photos and a brief description of the event, including how many people attended.

How to apply:

If you are interested please send an email with the subject “NETWORK MICROGRANT SUBMISSION” to our Creative Leadership Team at CLDInfo@IntermediaArts.org with the following information:

1. Submission Title
2. Identification of organizing Alumni:

a. Name
b. Cohort 
c. Contact Information: Name, Address, preferred Email and Phone Number

3. CCLN MicroGrant Summary

Narrative in a short paragraph or two, describe your event, including:

*Possible goals and outcomes for this engagement
*Where and when the gathering will take place & to whom you plan to reach out (i.e., your own cohort year, the full network, other alumni/ current fellows who share a specific field of work, affinity group or interest (hip-hop; architecture and design, neighborhood engagement, school to prison pipeline...)

If you have any questions feel free to contact CLDInfo@IntermediaArts.org