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Our Goals
Across Minneapolis, artists are generating new approaches to invite community members into dialogue around key civic issues. Creative CityMaking builds on their pioneering work to increase the participation of underrepresented communities in determining the city’s future. This program is part of a movement happening in cities around the globe where people are leveraging the power of the arts and the creative process to develop more capable, healthy and equitable communities.
Goals of Creative CityMaking Minneapolis
Creative CityMaking Minneapolis (CCM) is an arts-based innovation initiative that pairs staff in City of Minneapolis departments with experienced community artists to advance the City’s One Minneapolis goal: Disparities are eliminated so all Minneapolis residents can participate and prosper. (More information available here).
These collaborations between City staff and artists are in support of the following goals:
  • To use arts resources and practices to help City departments address their priority issues;
  • To design and test new interfaces between City systems and the community, and new approaches for community engaged policy-making, planning, and practice; 
  • To enhance City staff and artists’ abilities to facilitate community engagement, and equip them with new tools for working effectively with traditionally underrepresented communities;
  • To create a collaborative, sustainable support system that advances the work of City departments through partnership with experienced community artists; and
  • To document and communicate lessons learned.

Creative CityMaking is made possible thanks to the generous support of Kresge Foundation.

Creative CityMaking is a partnership between Intermedia Arts and the City of Minneapolis