Fiscal Year 2010 Report to the Community | July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010

Artists are our heroes at Intermedia Arts. They challenge us to transform our world. They ask hard questions and provide context and texture for our lives. And we know they are amazing problem solvers with their ability to think creatively, to take risks, to apply innovation to seemingly insurmountable issues.

During the past fiscal year, we looked to these artists and their creative processes to bring change to our organization. The result? From a “near death” financial position, we emerged stronger than ever at the end of fiscal year 2010 with:
  • a surplus and over three months of cash reserves
  • short-term debut eliminated
  • 112% increase in our net assets
  • re-focused programming with significant gains in participation
  • re-built staff who flawlessly executed the 2009-2010 phase of our strategic plan, focusing on participation, partnerships and better use of our facilities
  • a rejuvenated board committed to the well-being and long-term health of the organization
  • and, most importantly, a recommitment to our deep relationship with artists
From our new position of stability, we are poised for sustainable growth. The signs are everywhere, from the dramatic increase in participation to record crowds for exhibitions, from our dynamic new website to our growing community partnerships. During fiscal year 2010, we served more than 1,100 artists and nearly 1,300 youth; adult participation in our programming grew to 18,700, and we partnered with nearly 60 organizations in our community. Our hard work was recognized by major grants from Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Minnesota and the Kresge Foundation.

This remarkable turnaround would never have happened without the creative thinking, sacrifice and commitment of our board and staff, our community of artists, our audience members, and our funders. You believe, as we do, that art changes everything. You believe in Intermedia Arts.

With deep thanks,

Theresa Sweetland, Executive Director
& James Farstad, Board Chair