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Job Description

POSITION TITLE: Facilities Manager
TEAM/DEPARTMENT: Administration
POSITION STATUS: Part-Time, exempt, regular position (avg. 10-hrs per week)
REPORTS TO: Associate Director
SUPERVISES: Contractors & Volunteers as needed

Intermedia Arts is a catalyst that builds understanding among people through art.

The role of the Facilities Manager is to provide a safe, secure, welcoming, clean, and efficient environment for Intermedia Arts staff, co-working tenants, artists, and community members by ensuring the safe, efficient, cost-effective and community-friendly utilization, operation and maintenance of Intermedia Arts’ facilities and property. The Facilities Manager is responsible for the security, maintenance, repair, and upkeep of Intermedia Arts’ facilities and property, including 24/7 on-call response to urgent security and facilities issues. In addition, the Facilities Manager works closely with the Associate Director to develop and implement community-friendly facilities and security systems and practices organization-wide in ways that embody Intermedia Arts’ mission, vision, values, and priorities, in order to ensure a community experience of hospitality, welcome, respect, and inclusion.

·       24/7 On Call Response to Security/Facilities Issues: Manage security of facility and property including coordination and communication with security company and serve as on-call liaison with electronic protection services
·       Monitor Security Logs/Functions
·       Write & Distribute Security Protocols
·       Vendor & Account Management: Schedule and monitor for all contracted services and inspections for facility, including but not limited to: snow plowing, trash and recycling services, pest control, landscaping and grounds, elevator maintenance, signage, safety, security, cleaning staff, carpet service, plumbing, electrical, heating/air conditioning, roofing
·       Basic Facilities Maintenance & Repair: Ongoing, Regular, Seasonal, and Preventative (including but not limited to: pest control, weed control, interior & exterior painting, blacktop repair, upkeep of lighting, keeping garage and facilities storages spaces organized, and more)
·       Improvements and Special Projects: Manage special projects and improvements for facility improvement and upkeep as determined by Associate Director, including setting timeline, coordinating volunteer needs or service providers, and managing costs
·       Maintain code compliance (ADA, fire codes, etc.)
·       Investigate availability and suitability of options for new purchases as needed 
·       Painting and wall maintenance (patching, dry-walling) in gallery, lobby, theater, and work spaces, as well as occasional removal/covering up of graffiti on exterior walls
·       Basic electrics: Changing light bulbs, repairing or replacing light fixtures
·       Basic plumbing: Snaking drains, repairing or replacing toilet guts
·       Basic carpentry: Special projects as assigned by Associate Director
Customer Service: Co-Working Tenants & Intermedia Arts Staff
·       Office and Work Spaces: Serve as on-site contact for ArtsHub co-working members and IA staff as determined necessary for layout, upkeep and improvements to office and work spaces, including furniture, equipment, and materials purchase, transport, & installation as needed
·       Staff & Tenant Needs: Serve as on-call liaison for ArtsHub co-working members and IA staff and their needs, and respond appropriately to emergencies or urgent issues as they arise. Resolve tenant complaints with Associate Director as needed
·       Demo, Design, Repair & Install offices & public spaces as needed
·       Budget: Work with Associate Director to establish annual facility and property budgets and revenue targets, and monitor expenses
·       Reporting: Compile progress and financial reports as requested by Associate Director
Organizational Expectations
·       Contribution to organizational effectiveness: Integrate, when possible, cost-saving strategies into planning to ensure increased sustainability for the organization. Contribute to the well-being of Intermeda Arts by remaining attentive and on the lookout for opportunities to support, nurture and strengthen the organization as a whole
·       Community Connection: Ensure positive relationships with co-workers, ArtsHub members, organizational partners, program participants, artists, and community members
·       Meetings and Communication: Meet regularly with Associate Director to set and report on facilities projects and priorities. Participate in team meetings about co-working space and programs as needed. Participate in short-term and long-term planning as necessary. Respond promptly to email and voicemail communication
·       Other duties as assigned

Applicant should have experience with facilities and/or property management including tenant relations. Expect to work with tenants and curators/artists with varying levels of experience from beginners through advanced professionals. Applicant should have basic skills with tools and a working knowledge of general building practices required.  Ladder work and lifting are demanded. Excellent coordination and scheduling skills a must. Basic carpentry, electrical, plumbing and painting are required.

    Desired Personal Characteristics:
  • A personal passion to create healthier, more caring and equitable communities through the arts
  • Experience effectively navigating the dynamics of rank, power and privilege  
  • Exceptional interpersonal and conflict resolution skills
  • An ability to creatively and constructively solve problems
  • High emotional intelligence and self-awareness, with an abundance of patience
  • An agile and assertive approach to learning with a willingness explore and grow while meeting the requirements of the job
  • A capacity for making independent decisions within the scope of work responsibilities
  • A commitment to maintaining appropriate confidentiality and professionalism
  • A good sense of humor
  • Integrity  
Please send a resume and 3 references to info@IntermediaArts.org with the subject line of “Facilities Search ”
Or via mail to:
     Intermedia Arts
     Attn: Facilities Search
     2822 Lyndale Ave. S.
     Minneapolis, MN 55408

Intermedia Arts is committed to maintaining a diverse work force and strongly encourages people of color to apply.

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