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Executive Director
Intermedia Arts

Deadline: 08/30/2015
Deadline: 08/30/2015
Deadline: August 31, 2015
Deadline: 08/30/2015

Organization Summary:

Intermedia Arts is a nationally recognized leader in empowering artists and leaders from underrepresented communities to use arts-based approaches to solve community issues. As Minnesota's premier multidisciplinary, multicultural arts organization, Intermedia Arts builds understanding among people by providing creative people of all ages with the opportunities, tools, and support to come together across disciplines and social, economic, political and racial boundaries to act as catalysts for positive community-driven change. By stimulating engagement and providing a platform for underrepresented people and communities locally, nationally, and internationally, Intermedia Arts contributes to a stronger, healthier society.

Intermedia Arts inspires artists and audiences through three core areas of programming:

Intermedia Arts supports the creation and presentation of art that sparks social change, encourages community dialogue, and inspires civic involvement through a vibrant array of gallery exhibitions, literary readings, performances, screenings, lectures, dialogues and tours.

Through grants for emerging writers and spoken word poets, artist-community dialogues and the nationally recognized Creative Community Leadership Institute, Intermedia Arts provides comprehensive leadership training, resources and mentorship opportunities for artists and community development professionals working as catalysts for community change.

From filmmaking and creative writing to graffiti art and spoken word, Intermedia Arts provides young people with a forum for artistic expression, giving them the skills , training and tools they need.

Intermedia Arts is a catalyst that builds understanding among people through art.

To be a nationally recognized leader whose investment in change-making artists, cross-sector partnerships, and unique arts-based approaches leads to more capable, healthy and equitable communities.


We believe in...

• Supporting artists as leaders. We invest in artists as change- making community assets and believe in their power to collaborate, innovate, think big and act with commitment.

• Providing a platform for under-represented voices. Our work amplifies voices through deep, authentic and long-term relationships in communities that are historically and traditionally under-represented.

• Offering a safe and open space for artistic risk-taking. We value a welcoming environment that allows artists and audiences to create, see and engage with dynamic, cutting-edge work.

• Ensuring accountability, transparency and sustainability. Our actions reflect our commitment to being good stewards of our relationships and our resources.

Primary Duties:
Intermedia Arts is looking for a community-engaged, mission-driven, positive, welcoming, energetic and highly organized individual to join our team. Intermedia Arts seeks an individual with the capacity to support programs, rentals and events in ways that embody Intermedia Arts’ mission, vision, values, and priorities, with an emphasis on equity, inclusion, service to community, partners, staff and participants, and excellence in artistic process and product. Intermedia Arts is particularly interested in individuals who are inclusive, optimistic, empathetic and outgoing.

Intermedia Arts places a particular emphasis on voices, art forms and communities that are under- or un-represented. The ideal candidate has deep and authentic connections in and with the communities served, is able thrive in a fast-paced and change-constant environment, and is a proactive, resourceful and adaptive administrative and interpersonal contributor to the organization.

Intermedia Arts is proud of its 40 year history and is looking toward the future. The organization is searching for a new Executive Director to take a long-term view and lead the organization in its work of inspiring artists and audiences. The Executive Director will be responsible for strategy, programs, fundraising and overall management of this thriving organization. The Executive Director reports to the Chair of the board of directors and oversees 8 full-time staff, plus part-time staff and volunteers.

Intermedia Arts is seeking a dynamic and enthusiastic leader, with a background in nonprofit, philanthropy, arts or community leadership. The Executive Director will lead Intermedia Arts in executing its strategic plan and will oversee the implementation of its innovative and community based grant and scholarships programs.

The Executive Director will also oversee the continued implementation of program offerings such as The Creative Community Leadership Institute, Creative CityMaking, The Catalyst Series, Queer Voices Literary Reading Series, and Changemakers Profile Series. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated success in achieving revenue goals and leading a committed staff team, and have an abiding passion for serving and strengthening the art communities in Minnesota.


• Provide exceptional leadership, including managing a current staff, occasional contract staff, and continually assessing the capacity of the organization;
• Serve as the chief development and fundraising officer for the organization and responsible for major donor cultivation, corporate and business sponsorships, and growing the donor base within the community;
• Manage all financial aspects of the foundation, including programming and administrative budgets, annual external audits and tax filings;
• Ensuring the stability and growth of the grants, residencies and scholarship programs, as well as other special initiatives;
• Serve as the public face, champion and ambassador of Intermedia Arts, representing the foundation at local, regional and national convenings, meetings, and key stakeholder gatherings;
• Enhance and grow the visibility of the organization;
• Cultivate strategic partnerships to advance the mission of the organization;
• Maintain positive relations and open communications with the board of directors, including planning for board meeting presentations and keeping the board informed about issues and opportunities for the organization.


The fully qualified candidate will possess related experience with a non-profit organization, arts-based or similar organization, although comparable leadership experience in other sectors will be strongly considered.

Demonstrated experience with promoting equity and diverse voices and the ability to develop productive and collegial relationships with diverse stakeholders and constituencies.

Experience as an artist is preferred but not required. However, candidates should have an authentic passion for the arts and a belief in the transformative power of arts at the individual and community levels.

The successful candidate will be a visionary and an advocate with leadership abilities. The Executive Director will inspire others and will enhance and grow relationships with diverse communities, donors, volunteers, program participants, audiences, and local civic leaders. He or she will represent the organization and the broader arts community to various external constituencies.

The Executive Director candidate should possess a demonstrated passion to address issues of social justice and advocacy.

Experience managing a staff, managing a budget and engaging with a board of directors is required.

Education that might include a bachelors or masters degree or other community or on-the-job learning.

Other Qualifications Include:

People Leadership – Experience managing and developing people, building collaborative teams and unifying internal and external players around a shared purpose.

External Leadership –Experience as an external relationship leader representing an organization to various external constituencies and in promoting external partnerships.

Development – Successful experience in leading non-profit fundraising activities.

Community Connections – Active, committed involvement with related organizations; connection to arts and artistic activities.

Diversity – Experience in addressing racial, ethnic and socioeconomic diversity with a commitment to highlighting and promoting the artistic voices of underrepresented groups.

Strategy – Capable strategic leadership skills in developing organizational strategies, collaborating with high level stakeholders, and implementation.

Financial Management – Experience overseeing financial reporting and budgets. Experience understanding grant compliance and management.

Program Management – Successful experience leading, developing, and assessing the programs and operations of a complex organization.

Nonprofit Board Experience – Experience reporting to or serving on a volunteer board.

Characteristics of the New Executive Director:

• Outgoing, energetic, friendly
• Energized by open spaces and fast pace
• Passionate about creating healthier, more caring, and equitable communities through the arts
• Able to understand and navigate dynamics facing underrepresented communities
• Creative and constructive
• High emotional intelligence and self-awareness
• Agile and assertive approach to lifelong learning
• High integrity
• Good sense of humor!

How To Apply:


Lars Leafblad, MBA

Marcia Ballinger, PhD


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