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Currently In-Residence: Robert Farid Karimi
Intermedia Arts is proud to welcome critically-acclaimed interdisciplinary playwright, performer, and poet Robert Farid Karimi as our very first artist-in-residence. Robert has taken up residence in Intermedia Arts’ visual arts gallery, creating Counter | Space, a workspace/playspace with regular hours and activities for community engagement and interaction. Over the course of his residency, Robert will be hard at work and play on his new project, Diabetes of Democracy, an interdisciplinary theatrical experience incorporating music, documentary-style video, storytelling, political discussion and humor – as well as live cooking onstage – into a PBS cooking show format. Robert's focus for these cooking show “episodes” will be on the epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes in communities of color.
Robert will be in residence at Intermedia Arts for 18-months, doing test kitchens, community events, and working to create Diabetes of Democracy in, with, and as a part of the community.
“As an artist, this will be an amazing opportunity to take risks and test out new ideas before they fully crystallize. I look forward to utilizing my corner gallery space and monthly events to the fullest - responding to the outside world and sharing my perspective on it. I plan to work with local artists and communities to address the current events of our time.”—Robert Farid Karimi
Intermedia Arts is one of the commissioners of the Diabetes of Democracy, which will premiere at Intermedia Arts in 2012 in conjunction with a gallery exhibition called Revolution Starts in the Kitchen. The show will then go on to Baltimore, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Houston, and the San Francisco Bay Area as part of its multi-community commissioning.
Robert Farid Karimi will be offering a variety of public events throughout his residency. Each will offer insight into his process and will offer food and public discussion.

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