» Member Cooperation Agreement
Created: October 2011
ArtsHub is a program of Intermedia Arts, a non-profit multicultural, multidisciplinary arts center dedicated to using art as a tool for social change. Our member cooperation policies have been created to encourage cooperation among the members and to promote the smooth operation of the ArtsHub co-working community.
Our Values
ArtsHub members and organizational staff are committed to using fairness, transparency, respect, creativity, and flexibility to guide our work and interaction. ArtsHub seeks to go beyond cooperation to a place of true collaboration and innovation in our joint pursuit of our social missions. We recognize, embrace and support ArtsHub as not only a physical environment, but also a social and psychological one. At ArtsHub, everyone has the right to feel welcome, comfortable, respected, and empowered. The ArtsHub experience is co-created by Intermedia Arts and the ArtsHub member community. ArtsHub expects that all co-working members and organizational staff demonstrate commitment to creating this safe space wherever and however possible.

Member Cooperation Policies
ArtsHub members enter into a social contract at ArtsHub as a part of their membership. You are not required to make friends, meet people or collaborate, but our hope is that all of these things will happen naturally, and that they are part of the reason you are here. We hope that you will bring your positive energy and ideas to our shared environment to help us continually strengthen this community and the value of our shared space. At minimum, you must recognize and be respectful of ArtsHub as a shared workspace. Intermedia Arts reserves the right to terminate the membership and/or lease of any individual, group or organization deemed to be compromising the wellbeing of other members or the space as a whole.
II. COMMON SPACES (lobby, kitchen, conference room, workspaces, etc.)
Members should leave common areas as clean as or cleaner than they found them. Given the open and shared nature of our workspaces, members must at all times respect that other people are working in the space. All members must clean up after themselves and their guests in the kitchen, washing any dishes used, cleaning up spills, and sweeping when necessary. Moreover, it is expected that all members will pitch-in to keep the space clean and orderly.
Shared amenities include: security, cleaning, kitchen facilities, copy machine, access to the shared Internet service and other services. These costs are included in our ArtsHub member rates.
Each member is responsible for ensuring the security of their individual workspace and their equipment.
Members are also expected to do their best to ensure the shared security of the common spaces and the workspaces around them.

The Intermedia Arts main building is open and staffed Monday – Friday from 10AM to 6PM. Day Pass, Punch Card, and Monthly Unlimited users may access workspaces on a first-come, first-serve basis during those hours. Mezzie Desk users can reserve a specific desk by the week or the month. All Intermedia Arts main building ArtsHub members must be packed up and signed out by 6PM sharp each day. Think Tank and Private Desk members have 24 hour access to their workspaces in ArtsHub West 7 days per week.
When planning and holding your meetings and events in the space, please ensure that you respect the work environment of the other members. We ask that members use environmentally friendly products, supplies, and solutions whenever available in order to reduce waste and recycle as much as possible. Members are responsible for their own set-up and cleanup of the conference room, removing all trash wiping down dry erase boards, cleaning the table, pushing in chairs, and leaving the room ready for the next user. All members may write-in room reservations for up to 2 hours per day, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Monthly Unlimited, Mezzie Desk, Private Desk, and Think Tank Members may book the conference room in advance for a total of up to 5-hrs per month. Intermedia Arts is not responsible for items left unattended.
For ArtsHub members choosing to receive mail at Intermedia Arts, it is a requirement that wherever you post your address that you include the words @ Intermedia Arts. This ensures that people know where to find you, that mail can find you, and that we all collectively strengthen our work. This is true for business cards, event promotion, email signatures, brochures and other places where your mailing address is rendered.
At all times, noise needs to be kept at a reasonable level. A shared environment will never be completely quiet, but all members are expected to be respectful of the needs of others. Please be conscious of those around you and their need to focus on their work. See our Noise Policy for more information.


Conflict Resolution Process:

STEP 1:  If a member has a problem with the actions or behaviors of another member, she or he must first try to resolve the problem directly with that person or group.
STEP 2: If the problem persists, the member will be asked to put the complaint in writing and address the note to our ArtsHub host/curator. Intermedia Arts staff will review the complaint, speak with both parties, and propose a solution.
STEP 3: If the problem persists, or if either party is dissatisfied with the proposed solution, the issue is elevated to the ArtsHub Executive Team, which consists of Intermedia Arts’ directors and board chair. The Executive Team has final say and will offer a solution. This solution must be followed; if the problem persists, Intermedia Arts may choose to terminate the membership and/or lease of either party based on its best judgment.


ArtsHub is committed to ensuring fairness, transparency, accessibility and accountability in the conflict resolution process.
Our hope is that all members will show flexibility, compromise and respect, and that we can work collaboratively to address and concerns.