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Noise Policy: Co-Working in Shared Spaces
  • Get connecting! The Lobby and Gallery work spaces are great places to talk, laugh, meet, connect, ramble, introduce, ping-pong, party and engage.
  • Be conscious. Be aware of current vibe in the Mezzanine, and adjust your volume to those around you. Youdon’t have to whisper, but it’s nice not to yell. Members should feel comfortable doing what they need to do and making the noise they need to get the work done.
  • That said, the Mezzanine is not a meeting room. Go ahead and work with others - that's what collaboration is all about! But longer and louder conversations might work best when moved to the conference room or gallery tables.
  • Turn down ringers and turn off speakerphones. As a courtesy, please turn your cell phone ringers down while at your desk. The various ring tones are very distracting. Also, please avoid using a speakerphone outside of the conference room.
  • Keep it confidential. If you expect a long or personal conversation, please dip into the conference room whenever possible. Be conscious of cell-yelling.
  • Be considerate of your community. Successful co-working requires sensitivity to your impact on others. Remember, even though you just finished your big proposal, your neighbor may still have a big deadline looming.
  • Sometimes you just need to “Jam on It.” Headphones are a great “do not disturb” sign. Feel free to wear them if you don’t want to be interrupted. Alternately, you might choose to display one of our swanky-suave “Jam On It” signs. Ask for what you need, and be respectful when others ask for some time to jam on it as well.

ArtsHub noise policies apply to all co-workers, as to interns, visitors and guests.
Please be respectful of our community.