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Herstory: Why We Do What We Do

B-Girl Be was created by Intermedia Arts in 2005. Our curatorial team of founding artists saw the need to tell the stories of women's contributions to hip-hop. In today's pop culture, women in hip-hop are too often spotlighted for their appearance rather than their skills and messages. When women have space to explore, create and perform, a diverse resource of female role models and mentors is unearthed for the next hip-hop generation of both girls and boys.

I'm an old school graffiti writer who has never seen so many females kicking it together so beautifully. In the male dominated world of hip-hop, these events are rare and very empowering for young women to experience. It's necessary to educate the public about the achievements of women artists and this venue was an excellent format. —Lady Pink

The impact B-Girl Be had on my daughter was moving. After seeing all of the young women and girls participating in every aspect of the [Hip-Hop] culture, she proclaimed, 'I am a b-girl!' Though I've been saying that all along, there is something powerful in seeing your reflection. —I Self Devine

Where I once felt like an island in my own work with hip-hop it now feels like I am within a continent. —Melisa Rivière

B-Girl Be shows to the outside world (like Whoopi in the film The Color Purple who looks back at mister/master) WE ARE HERE! —Aisha Durham

B-Girl Be has changed my household forever. My daughter has urges to paint everyday. —Rachel Raimist

B-Girl Be put Minneapolis on the map for women who care and are very passionate about Women in hip-hop culture. —Christina Rimstad

After years of painting at graffiti/hip-hop events… this was the first time I felt as an artist that I was able to accomplish a feeling of happiness.—LADYKFEVER



DeAnna Cummings, Visual Artist

Desdamona, Spoken Word Poet

Leah Nelson, Dancer/Choreographer

Rachel Raimist, Filmmaker

Melisa Rivière, Hip-Hop Scholar

Theresa Sweetland, Executive/Artistic Director