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G.A.S.P! (Gender Anarchy Sex Positivity)
Co-presented with The Twin Cities Avengers and Trans Youth Support Network
Exhibition Run: February 3 - March 5, 2011
Opening Night Reception: 5PM Thursday, February 3, 2011

G.A.S.P! is a multi-disciplinary event with the purpose of exploring non-conforming gender roles and sex positive education through art and community organizing. The show will examine the ways these subjects intersect through the mediums of visual art, performance, and educational workshops. G.A.S.P! hopes to create a safer space for everyone who does not fit into traditional gender roles by demystifying and celebrating these sometimes taboo topics. Curated by Sarah M. Sosa and Heidi Barton Stink

Featured artists include:
Derek Freese
Jesse Hanner
Haven Michael Herrin
Smalls Looze
Mel Porcinelli
Nicholas Schaffer

Sarah M. Sosa
Ignacio Rivera
Heidi Barton Stink

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SARAH M. SOSA is a mixed media artist from Minneapolis, MN. She makes small-scale collages built through layers of acrylic paint, paper and ink on canvas. Using mixed media to represent sociological theories such as the commodification of womanhood is at the foreground of her artistic endeavors. She communicates her interpretation of social constructs with robust strokes and vivid colors in an oftentimes satirical manner. In her most recent body of work–bun.artpetit, she has employed repetitive images of rabbits to further her ideas on production, consumption and the intersection of the manufactured and handmade. She has participated in 6 group exhibitions over the last four years and has been published in the University of Minnesota’s Ivory Tower 2010 spring issue. Get Connected | http://sarahmsosa.blogspot.com/ 

HEIDI BARTON STINK is a self described Trans-Radical M.C. based out of Minneapolis, MN. She writes and performs HipHop with an emphasis on social justice and trans and queer rights. Her songs cohesively vary from sentimental and uplifting to darkly poetic and political. She skillfully maintains this balance in a genuine way and with a sense of humor. In early 2010 she released a short free download album: The Familiar Pattern EP, which was reviewed and talked about in a number of national music and GLBT news outlets. In the last year she has performed at various shows across the United States -San Francisco, Chicago, Camp Trans in Michigan, Portland Oregon, Portland Maine and Cornell University in Ithaca New York, just to name a few– as well as countless High Profile local events such as the Dirty Queer Show and HipHop Against Homophobia.She is currently working on her debut full-length album, with her comrade See More Perspective doing the production. A talented performer and wordsmith, she is a rising star in the world of independent rap. (She supplies the mouth in our GASP! flyers, could you tell? Her mouth has a lot of charm, with one tooth just slightly crooked. *Cute*). Get Connected: www.heidistink.com and www.facebook.com/bartonstink

THE TWIN CITIES AVENGERS | http://tcavengers.wordpress.com/
The Twin Cities Avengers is an all-inclusive queer direct action group committed to dismantling all forms of oppression! The Twin Cities Avengers is the most current manifestation of a political project that began in 1994 in New York City. Queer activism has changed significantly over the past decade. The Twin Cities Avengers resists systems of domination in ways that relate to the needs of constantly changing local and national queer and transgender communities. Follow us on twitter @ tcavengers

THE TRANS YOUTH SUPPORT NETWORK | http://www.transyouthsupportnetwork.blogspot.com/
The Trans Youth Support Network is a partnership of youth and community members working together to support trans youth in Minnesota. When we use the term "trans", we mean any person whose identity, expression, or behavior falls outside of gender "norms". We understand that labels are personal and recognize the broad range of identities that can fall within the "trans" label. We were founded as a community response to a series of incidents of violence targeting young transwomen of color in the Fall of 2004. Through organizing, education, advocacy, and youth leadership development, we seek to address the root cause of injustice and oppression that queer, trans and gender non-conforming youth and youth of color face. We also provide gender/trans accessibility trainings for local youth services to increase access for trans and gender non-conforming youth.

Sponsored by Bryant Lake Bowl