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We Exist
Intermedia Arts and House of Daskarone present
We Exist
Influences of Graffiti on Art, People and Culture
Curated by Peyton Scott Russell

Exhibition Run: July 12-August 30, 2012
Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday 10AM to 6PM; Saturdays 12-5PM | Suggested Donation $3
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 12 | 6-9PM | FREE
Closing Reception: Thursday, August 30 | 6-9PM | FREE

We Exist. This statement demands that a collective group be seen, heard, and felt. This exhibition, featuring the work of more than 30 local, regional, and national artists, examines and explores the influences of Graffiti on art, people and culture.

The We Exist concept is to highlight the artistic attributes of Graffiti Art, Street Art, the genre it self, and the artists that produce it. It especially highlights Graffiti/Street Artists that make traditional art and design. We Exist also examines artists that incorporates the graffiti aesthetic and the tools of the craft into their work.  We Exist  is about the aesthetics of Graffiti and Street Art and its influences on people and culture, thus allowing anyone to understand, study, practice, exploit and simply enjoy it.

Special Events:

July 23-27: Graffiti Camp; Instructors JoJo & Peyton. Grades 7-12. | Registration Required
July 27: Bomb It (2007) Tells the story of contemporary graffiti, tracing its roots in ancient rock paintings through Picasso to its place in hip-hop culture in 1970's New York City. Directed by John Reiss | 7PM | $3 Suggested Donation | Click here for more details on the film!
August 18: Book Signing with Special Guest SCAPE Martinez, author of GRAFF: The Art & Technique of Graffiti; GRAFF 2: Next Level Graffiti Techniques; and just released GRAFF: Color Workbook, Explore New Coloring Techniques | 12-3PM | FREE | Click here for more details!
August 18: Black Book Session Drawing Jam | 6-9PM | FREE 

Alexandra Waters
Andres Guzman
Ali Beyer
Anthony Chlebeck
Ashley Voss
Alex Cole Jr.
Ben Janssens
Dan Madsen
George “EWOK” Thompson
George Roberts
Greg Siegler
Grace "amazinkgrace" Simonson
H.R. Paperstacks
Jordan M. Hamilton
Jonas Criscoe
Jenny Jenkins
Keegan Xavi
Keith Haring
Katrina Knutson
Luke Muyskens
Martin Olson
Nick Krings
Paul Ide
Roger "Uncle Rog" Kane
Shepard Fairey
Shameless INC.
Seitu Jones
Stun One
Students of Anne Sullivan, Sanford and City View Middle Schools
Taylor Lindgren
Wes Winship

Peyton is a visual artist, teacher, graffiti artist and muralist. He has been interested in graffiti since 1984 and has been painting professional murals since 1991. In 1995, Peyton founded Juxtaposition Arts, a non-profit, after school program for youth. Juxtaposition Arts provides opportunities for youth to create portfolios interpret art and exhibit their work. The organization was founded to help young artists think and be professional within the artistic realm and learn how to use those skills with any endeavor they may choose. Peyton has had solo and collaborative exhibitions in Minnesota, Chicago and Argentina. He has also painted murals in New York, Florida and Yugoslavia. Peyton’s mission is to help bring graffiti to the forefront by being a part of more community events, exhibitions and through teaching Graffiti Art in Schools. He strongly believes this is the contemporary art of the future and as such is doing his part.


House of Daskarone is a place to learn and make art. It is based on the conceputal idea that, "Your limitations are ruled by your own creativity."

This exhibition is part of Intermedia Arts' Catalyst Series.
Sponsored by Scott Zahren and Paint on the Water: St. Criox Valley Hip-Hop Festival