» Catalyst Series
Whittier Cooperative: Healing & Transformation
A Photographic Work in Progress
Photographs by Michele Spaise
Curated by DeAnna Cummings

Exhibition Run: July 1 - 23, 2011
Opening Reception: 6-9PM Friday, July 8, 2011

Join us for an opening reception featuring performances by Whittier Co-Op Residents. Sponsored by Bryant Lake Bowl.

"Constructed of beige bricks and holding 45 apartments, Whittier Co-op sits on the corner of Blaisdell Ave. and 26th St. in South Minneapolis. Our first members moved in in 1980, and many of them still live there today. An artist, photographer, mother, and resident, I have been a part of the Whittier community for more than twenty years, documenting our community through photography and sound. This is a work in progress. Our story continues." —Michele Spaise

This project was made possible in part by Forecast Public Art and IFP Minnesota.