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Metamorphosis in Progress
Let’s start with the butterflies, shall we? Monarch butterflies are the only insects in the world that fly over 2500 miles each winter. 
Butterflies are mighty, but they are going extinct.
A growing number of us are saying, right now, “We will invest in their critical habitat”.  We are choosing to pay attention to the pollinator highways, we are creating boulevards and hillsides and changing policy to make sure that the pollinators have a route from here to there, a critical habitat in which to create beauty and joy
Let’s take the case of the humans. A growing number of us are saying, right now, “We must invest in critical habitats that are safe spaces for the humans of the planet. We see that multiple voices and complex narratives populate democracy one story at a time, just like the butterflies, working one flower at a time, one idea at a time, transferring from one flower to another the idea of hope the idea of possibility, all of it becoming a new species born out of the creative impulse to live boldly.
At Intermedia Arts, we are choosing to invest in the critical habitat that is our space. We are choosing to invest in each other. We want to shore up the foundation, fix the roof, and make sure the windows are airtight in winter. We want to make sure there is a place inside to hear each other’s voices.  We believe that multicultural arts organizations such as ours provide fertile ground for artists, activists, and community leaders to connect, create, exchange ideas, and populate the collective imagination. Therein lies the thread between the environmental and social justice movements: we all thrive when we have safe space in which to hope, dream and create.
That is the message from the future: invest now in what you believe.
This is the ask: let’s invest collectively to make sure that this critical place is sustained.
Together we will push back that hermetically sealed notion of the singularity of American identity.
Together we will resist the notion that all of us are not connected.
Together we will create space for the dream and the dreamers.
Consider giving a gift today. We are still here, just like the butterfly. 
In Solidarity,
Eyenga Bokamba
Executive Director 
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