Intermedia Arts | Art. Changes. Everything
We are building a better world, using art as our tool. We believe that community-engaged artist-activists are our most powerful asset and resource for growing more capable, healthy and equitable communities.

That’s why we invest in changemaking artists, cross-sector partnerships, and unique arts-based approaches. We are a theater, gallery, a place for youth, a community development and social justice organization—all rolled into one. We stimulate deep engagement and provide a platform for the stories and experiences of underrepresented communities.
We know that social change happens at the rate of trust—and that trust can only be earned by long-term investment in people as artists, change agents, leaders and partners. That takes long-term, sustained funding.
That’s where you come in. Your support for Intermedia Arts will help us advance our work, to take it to the next level by providing the opportunities, tools and support people needed to make lasting, positive change. Your investment helps us build our leadership training, our youth development programs and the programming that we offer every day in our building. Your support is essential to ensuring we can continue to create deep, authentic social change.
Art. Changes. Everything.