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Recently I was looking through comments from audience members who attended the powerful shows in our Catalyst Series. I was struck by two major themes: that the work has incredible impact on people and that it is viewed as absolutely essential and deeply needed:

"It was the best show I have ever been to since I came to Minneapolis."
- Audience member, Global Taxi Driver

"I have so many feelings right now. You've changed my life. You make me feel like it's okay to express myself."
- Audience member, The Blacker the Berry
"Shows like this are critical for our community."
- Audience member, There Are Other Worlds

Our Catalyst Series is just one of the many ways our powerful work reached 26,144 people this past year. We engaged in 69 partnerships with arts and community organizations and directly served 3,015 youth and 1,683 artists. We sold out our Catalyst series, teamed artists with Minneapolis city planners, provided training to 50 cross-sector leaders, and launched our intergenerational GenArt.
On top of that, we balanced our budget and retired debt.
That is why I am asking you today to join me in financially supporting Intermedia Arts. Please help us meet our fiscal year-end goal of $10,000 by June 30. With your essential contribution, thousands of artists, youth, and audience members will continue to grow, heal, and connect through the transformative power of the arts. Simply fill out the simple online form to the right or call 612.871.4444 to make your donation today.
Thank you for all the ways you support Intermedia Arts. 
Julie Bates MacGillis
Acting Executive Director
Intermedia Arts
P.S. We are on our way to our goal. Your gift will help us reach the top!