Intermedia Arts | Art. Changes. Everything

What do you believe in?

  • Empowering young people with skills and tools to be catalysts for change?
  • Supporting conversations that matter through provoking art and dialogues?
  • Providing resources & support to local artists making a difference in the community?
  • Bridging across divides by using art as a tool for building understanding?

At Intermedia Arts, we believe in...
  • Supporting artists as leaders. We invest in artists as change- making community assets and believe in their power to collaborate, innovate, think big and act with commitment.
  • Providing a platform for under-represented voices. Our work amplifies voices through deep, authentic and long-term relationships in communities that are historically and traditionally under-represented.
  • Offering a safe and open space for artistic risk-taking. We value a welcoming environment that allows artists and audiences to create, see and engage with dynamic, cutting-edge work.
  • Ensuring accountability, transparency and sustainability. Our actions respect our commitment to being good stewards of our relationships and our resources.


Just this past year, we have presented performances, films, and exhibitions raising awareness around clean water, immigration, the Arab spring, indigenous culture, marriage equality, food justice, poverty, feminism, climate change, and affordable housing and homelessness.

This remarkable year would never have happened without you, our community. Your investment in changemaking artists has allowed Intermedia Arts to provide high-quality artistic programming to more than 26,000 participants, including 3,015 youth, and 1,683 artists last year. We partnered with 69 local arts and community organizations and served an additional 23 groups and organizations through rentals of our facility. We presented 14 weeks of performances, 33 weeks of exhibitions, 196 days of in school and after school programming, and provided in-depth training to 50 community leaders advancing change across our state.

With charitable gifts from people like you, Intermedia Arts can sustain the powerful stories, the collision of ideas, and the changemaking that happens through our work every day. Your gift will be reinvested into our work, supporting our current activities and shaping the future work of changemaking arts in the community. Simply use the online form below or call 612.871.4444 to make your donation today.

As we look towards the next phase for Intermedia Arts, we thank you for helping us inspire social change through the arts for thousands of Minnesotans with your support!