Your Support Makes Our Work Possible


A broad base of support from our community is vital to our success and any and every gift is valued at Intermedia Arts. The contributions of these donors support the effective, arts-based approaches we use to help solve community issues.  We gratefully acknowledge donations and in-kind gifts received by the following individuals and businesses given during fiscal year 2014 (July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014).
INNOVATE ($1,000 to $4,999)
Jeffrey R. Gatesmith 

CHANGE ($500 to $999)
Omar Akbar
Norman Bjornnes
Thomas McMasters

INSPIRE ($250 to $499)
Beth Daniels
Janis Lane Ewart
Marilyn S. Shultz
ENGAGE ($100 to $249)
Andrew Arsham
Thomas Borrup
Curt & Shirley Brinks
Julie Buzard Sand & George Sand
David Greenberg
Kristine A. Hartman
Michael D .Hay
Donald Hay
Connie Klotz
Joseph & Sylvia Lawler
Rebekah Metzdorff
Erik Moe
David R. Orenstein
Marie Jean Proulx
Lois Roelofs
Joanne Routzahn
Maureen Sufka
Don & Rachel Trimble
Phyllis Wiener
Megan Wright
Ron Zweber & Peter Scott
CREATE ($50 to $99)
Jennifer L. Athanases
Julie Bates
William C. & Carla J. Cleveland
Peter D. Driessen
Jean Ann Durades
Camille Gage
Dorothy Haffely
Karna Hauck
Emily Heagle
Peter J Heege
Teri Kwant
Brian Levenson
Mark Lutterman
Richard A. Miner
Raymond J. Minge
Nolan Morice
OJ Proulx
Shelby Rose
Gregory Sebald
Theresa M. Sweetland
Laura Tripet Dodge
Mark R. Waller
Brianne Whitcraft
Megan Wright
Harvey Zuckman
CONNECT ($25 to $49)
John Akre
Elizabeth Altheimer
Kathryn Barr
John Becker & Nancy Reynolds
Mindy S. Benowitz
Laura B. Black
Cory Call
Marisa R. Carr
Kim Costello
Deanna D. Cummings
Salah A. Fattah
Marlina F. Gonzalez
Raymond Hathaway
Nancy Hay
David and Verna Heiberg
Blake Iverson
Andrea Jenkins
Ibrahima Kaba
Holly Kellar
Trisha Klick
Douglas and Susan Kmetz
Jeremy Lindvig
Joyce Lyon
Melanee Meegan
Jessica Moe
Dipankar Mukherjee & Meena Natarajan
Stephanie Nelson
Kimberly Nightingale
Bill Palmquist
Narrah K. Palmquist
Adela Peskorz
Peggy Pond
Jane Powers
Christina M. Rimstad
David Safar
William H. Schlichting
Ralph James Schnorr
Mary Ann Schoenberger
P. Stephen Shultz
Karen Stuhlfeier
Erik M. Takeshita
Arlana Vaughn
Jun Li Wang
Kimberly Woelber
Leslie B. Wolfe
JOIN ($1 to $24)
Katharine Campbell
Gordon Coons
Alisunn Curtin
Jacob M. Davis
Candace Graham
Julie Graves
Jodi Haberstroh
Heather Hackman
Emily Heagle
Jamie M. Holtrop
Amoke Kubat
Morgan L'Argent
Kate Lynch
Alexander MacGillis
Anesa Merriwether
Angie Miller
Grace Mills
Ava Moglen
Kimberly Moses
Dominic Mussack
Kara Olson
Kate Rice
Jessica M Riemer
Julie S
Dennis & Maureen Scholten
AJ Sharkstar
Sandra Speck
Pamela Starbird
Sarah Stark
Eleonore Wesserle

If you gave and do not see your name, please call us at 612.871.4444 or send an email to Info@IntermediaArts.org.