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Your Support Makes Our Work Possible


A broad base of support from our community is vital to our success and any and every gift is valued at Intermedia Arts. The contributions of these donors support the effective, arts-based approaches we use to help solve community issues.  We gratefully acknowledge donations and in-kind gifts received by the following individuals and businesses given during fiscal year 2012 (July 1, 2011-June 30, 2012).
$5,000 and over
Friedell Family Foundation
INNOVATE ($1,000 to $4,999)
CHANGE ($500 to $999)
Alesci Enterprise, Inc. DBA Alesci Gallery
Daniel Homolka
INSPIRE ($250 to $499)
Beth Daniels
Robin Miller
Grace Mills
Marilyn Shultz
ENGAGE ($100 to $249)
Martha Avery
Barbara Bates
Julie Bates
Rob Bodor
Tom Borrup
Malcolm Campbell
Sara Cezar
Sage & John Cowles
James & Kathy Farstad
Melissa Fors
David Harris
Holly Kellar
Brian Liebeck
Erik Moe
Stephanie Nelson
Reginald Prim
Lois Roelofs
Jessie Roelofs
Julie Schlueter
Jill Searchinger
Paul Shultz
Theresa Sweetland
Erik Takeshita
Megan Wright
CREATE ($50 to $99)
Mindy Benowitz
Shirley Brinks
Mary Budge
Noreen Buhmann
Karisa Daniels
Cynthia Fashant Collins
Kay Gudmestad
Michael Hay
Emily Heagle
Andrea Herman
Carolyn Holbrook
Michael Homolka
Abigail Kritzer
Sonja Kuftinec
Mark Lutterman
Scott McIntyre
Brian Nutter
Narrah & James Palmquist 
Kate Ryan Sattler
Nicole Schiele
Sara Strehlo
Michael Toft
Ann Treacy
Laura Tripet Dodge
Michael Weidl
Leslie Wolfe
Harvey Zuckman
CONNECT ($25 to $49)
Betsy Altheimer
Tamara Bauers & David Greenberg
Stephen Boland
Philip & Renee Bryant
Susan Cheney
Molly Clarke
Joanna Dobson
Heid Erdrich
Tessa Gudmestad
Peter Heege
Karen Hogan
Brandy Hyatt
Cindy Ince
Emily Jarrett Hughes
Andrea Jenkins
Maureen Johnson
Kimberley Kays
Boa Lee
Pierre MacGillis
Carla Merkow
Wendy Morris
Leah Nelson
Barry Newman
Stephen Phillipps
Harlo Roelofs
Sherry Ross
Andrew Schnick
Katherine Speed
Mark Waller
Jon Winet
Joseph Woodside
JOIN ($1 to $24)
e.g. Bailey
Claire Bancroft
Jeanne Bates
John Becker
Donna Blacker
Erick Boustead
Stacy Burns
Palma Cady
Chanti Calabria
Katie Campbell
Colleen Casey
Alisunn Curtin
Rosemary Davis
Mary Delore
Jean Doolittle
Jan Erickson
Kathryn Ernst
Peter Fleck
Sheridan Fox
Shannon Glen
Kathleen Hardy
Diane Haugesag
John Herbert
Erin Hocking
Sara Horishnyk
May Lee-Yang
April Lott
Adrian Mack
Patrick Maloney
Rick Menk
Rene Meyer-Grimberg
Ariel Nelson
Andrew Pearson
Elita Poplayska
Jessica Riemer
Jennifer Schubert
Peter Thompson
Heidi Trimble Zierden
Randall G Tuma
Phasoua Vang
Christopher Wogaman
If you gave and do not see your name, please call us at 612.871.4444 or send an email to Info@IntermediaArts.org.

If you gave and do not see your name, please call us at 612.871.4444 or send an email to Info@IntermediaArts.org.