» The Creative Community Leadership Institute
Program Content

The Creative Community Leadership Institute is organized around this core question:
How do the arts and community development foster more
capable, healthy, and equitable communities?

The Institute is an opportunity to

  • deepen your understanding of arts-based community development
  • broaden your practice  
  • weave your network with other cross-sector leaders using arts and culture to develop stronger communities

Program Overview
The Arc of the Learning Journey
Over this Fall's three month journey, we will explore the following topics:

Getting to Know Ourselves in the Field of Arts-Based Community Development
Navigating Diverse Perspectives
Working Together For Effective Community Change
Creating Condition For Successful Arts-Based Community Development
Strengthening Networks for Arts-Based Community Development

Our Guiding Principles:

  • A responsibility to identify and maintain your own high standards and principles
  • A responsibility to generate initiatives, projects, processes or programs that adhere to the highest standards of practice in design and implementation
  • A responsibility to support the development and sustenance of high standards and principles in the community


  • An awareness of the positive and negative manifestations of rank, authority and power
  • An understanding of the interdependence of community issues, sectors, systems and citizens
  • Walking with respect – outwardly and inwardly
  • A stance of reciprocity
  • Being both a learner and a guide
  • An awareness of the value and integrity of your own work
  • A commitment to caring for yourself and your colleagues


  • Honoring the history and leadership of your own practice
  • Honoring the history and leadership of your community / the communities in which you work
  • Working with a clarity of intention, communication and follow through
  • Acknowledging the impact of your actions, as well as your intent
  • Answering truthfully to those you work with and those you serve
  • Committing to community ownership of the processes and products of your work together


  • Assuring that the initiatives, processes, projects, or programs that benefit the community continue to be useful to the community
  • Assuring that the resources and capacities needed to sustain those benefits are provided
  • The continued support of workers in community development and culture
  • An understanding that the value of the work must be integrated and embedded in the life of the community