Live Music Fest
Intermedia Arts' Youth Leadership Council presents
Live Music Fest
3 Bands. 3 Hours. 3 Bucks.


Young musicians, bands, MCs, and performers. Check back soon to see the next artist line up!


An all-ages music event featuring youth bands, MCs, and performers live on stage. Don't miss your chance to see them before they blow up! 


6-9PM on ...

Friday, February 24, 2017
Friday, April 28, 2017

HOW MUCH: $3 Cover

WHERE: Intermedia Arts // 2822 Lyndale Ave South // Minneapolis, MN 55408

This event will be photographed for documentation and future publicity


Check out photos from previous Live Music Fests:


Past LIVE-MUSIC-Fest performers:

Choir Boy Yogi 
Jackie Amos 
Spoken-Word Poet
Lewiee Blace 

DJ Mickey Breeze

Ian Marquez 

Eemanna is a hip hop and multimedia artist born and raised in Minneapolis. She started writing lyrics at age 13 and has been driven by uplifting people through honest and expressive music. She aspires to inspire others and give back. LISTEN

LNJAY is a Hip-hop / R&B duo from Minneapolis. The 2 cousins' music is about girls' empowerment and telling their life stories from a young woman's point of view. LISTEN


is a young, inspiring rapper from St Paul. LISTEN


Young Kings is a hip hop/RnB/Rap group dedicated to making music everyone will like. The members of the group are Tez manian, Chaz, Nellz and jimi the great. They love the support from their fans and hope to keep getting supporters.

Smack Young | LISTEN

Discovery Club | LISTEN

Cruel Customs

Ray Jay and the Sound

No Swain No Gain

Last Import |

Julia & Nina | LISTEN

Gabby Z | LISTEN

Team Winter is a teen music group from Minnesota playing a mixture R&B, Pop, and Hip Hop Music. The group has 3 members, Confidence, Pride & Noble. Together they've grown and learned to better their craft while making their music. Minnesota is known for the cold winters, and they make the music to keep spirits high and to enjoy our state.

Local Swagg is an R&B and Hip Hop group from Minnesota. They are known and loved by fans and followers for their versatile music style and sound. Together, the artists are dedicated to writing and producing music that will continue to inspire others and showcase their talents.

Unknown Creatures: Creatures lurking in the trees, curly hair five bears eating up all the porridge. Jahkobi, Hectik Nate Kay, Appalachian, Bijah X, Lurch, Francis Brown are Unknown Creatures.

Spencer Joles x Nazeem: Originally just a guitar player, now working on a bunch of different genres for the sake of experimenting and creating music that can be enjoyed by people with music tastes all along the genre spectrum.

Tristan: Emcee/Producer/Writer

Bruise Violet
All female punk band from out of Minneapolis/St Paul. Loud riffs and three part harmonies. Sugar, spice, and a kick in the teeth


The Sun Signs

Self-proclaimed Passive-Aggressive Feminine Indie Rock band. The Sun Signs are two cute best friends using low skill-level instrumentation and blunt lyrics to express their feelings towards their lives and the people in them. Girl power.


The Bombshells
The Bombshells are a three piece punk go-go rock all girl group of trouble makers and goody two-shoes alike. Alternating between bedroom recordings and basement practice spaces, this group of rowdy and easily excitable rookies are hoping to leave bite marks or lipstick stains.

Chardenai has been writing since she was 7 years old. When she was 12, she started to rap. It was only for fun at first until she grew to love it and eventually she found that it was all she wanted to do. She wants to expand her skills by singing and  producing in the future. Chardenai wants to open doors for the younger generation through music.

Genesis Aurora
A multi-genre electric-folk band, Genesis Aurora also features work by emcee Jawbone and producer Two-Thirty-Two as well hip-hop group Star Fiction [OBI-1 x Jewels Vern]

Taylor Seaberg

Taylor Seaberg is an African American, multi-instrumentalist who has a passion for music forms in digital, electric, and acoustic realms. She started off with spanish flamenco classical guitar music when she was 14 and expanded towards other forms such as electric guitar, joining a heavy metal band and attending a visual and performing arts program for a garage band when she was around sixteen. Ever since Taylor has enjoyed messing around with audio equipment, making music for both catharsis and for the entertainment of others

Lucien Parker
Rapper from South Minneapolis

The Road Flares
Four-person rock band from Red Wing

3 Person rock band from Saint Paul

Intermedia Arts’ Youth Development programming is supported by the Best Buy Foundation, The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis, and by the voters of Minnesota through a Minnesota State Arts Board Operating Support grant, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund, and a grant from the Wells Fargo Foundation Minnesota.