Deadline: November 30, 2015

Call for Artists
Two Exhibition Opportunities around
Black Lives Matter

Intermedia Arts, Obsidian Arts and United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities are collaborating on these exhibitions centered around Black Lives Matter.  The two exhibitions will create a city-wide conversation using art as the touchstone.

Intermedia Arts
Hands Up Don’t Shoot – HER
Dates: January 28, 2016 to April 16, 2016

About this exhibition:
Where are the protests and riots when the lives of black women are ended at the hands of police? 

Hands Up Don’t Shoot – HER seeks works that evoke long-standing and uncomfortable questions about the value of the lives of black women (as well as what makes a woman) in a time and place where whole communities seem to be at war with their local police systems.
Hands Up Don’t Shoot – HER will be a visual art exhibition that simultaneously lifts these questions up for community interrogation while creating awareness of the black women and transgender people who have died at the hands of policing systems.
United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities
Faith [In]Action?
Dates: January 28, 2016 to April 16, 2016

About this exhibition:
Faith [In]Action? is an exhibition that questions or shows evidence of the presence and role of people of faith in response to the overwhelming number of black people that have died at the hands of police and policing systems.
This exhibition seeks works engaging in a visual dialog that interrogates the response of people of faith (black and white).  How does the faith community counter the blatant and recurring acts of injustice reigned upon black lives and the ensuing effect on black communities in our present time. Where does it hold up and where does it lack impact?


About Submissions
Electronic submissions are due November 30, 2015. (see link at the end of the Entry Form below)
Artists may submit work for one or both exhibitions.
Please complete a separate entry form for each work.
Note:  All consideration will be given to your preference; however the selection committee reserves the right to choose the exhibition for which they think the work is most suited.
All submissions will be reviewed and selections made by a panel of 3-5 jurors noted for their experience.
Selected artists will be notified by December 1, 2015 by email only.
Submission Guidelines

Artists must be 18+ years of age to submit.
National/international, established and emerging contemporary artists are encouraged to submit.
A maximum of 2 works per artist may be submitted (unless the additional pieces are integral to the entire work of art – i.e. triptych)
Works must have been completed after February 26, 2012 (in honor of Trayvon Martin)
Group works will not be accepted for consideration.

Work Samples:
Only high-resolution digital submissions will be accepted for consideration by the panel.

Visual Arts - Please include a minimum of 5 images (maximum of 10 images) for each work submitted.
Minimum 300 PPI.  Submit as a jpg file no larger than 2MB, as attachments to your submission.
Any form of visual art is encouraged; 2D, Sculpture, Installation, New Media, Video, etc.
Please include the following information about the work:  Title, medium, size, year completed.
Please credit photographer for any images of your work.
Video Arts - Please include 1-2 work examples submitted as a link to Vimeo.
Include the following information with work: Title, medium, size, year, and length if video.
Submit as a link to the videos on Vimeo.

Performance - Please include 1-2 video examples.
Include the following information with work: Title, location, year.
Submit as link to Vimeo or YouTube or Facebook.

Sound - Please include at least 2-3 sound examples. Submit as MP3 only.
Include the following information with work: Title, length, year.

In addition to work samples, we require a cover letter, artist statement reflecting connection to the exhibitions’ subject, current CV and/or Resume.

Due dates

Submissions are due November 30, 2015. 
Selected artists will be contacted by email by December 1, 2015.
Selected work is due to the venue by January 22, 2016 (Intermedia Arts or United Theological Seminary)

Please contact Sheryl Schwyhart at sschwyhart@unitedseminary.edu