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Opportunity for Local Queer Artists to Present New Performance Work

20% Theatre Company's Q-Stage: New Works Series will be presented in partnership with Intermedia Arts' Catalyst Series in 2015.

Q-Stage: New Works Series seeks proposals from local, queer artists in need of stage space and resources to further develop and share new work with the community. We recognize that "queer" can mean vastly different things to different people. To us, "queer" is a term of radical self-definition - and can relate to personal gender or sexual identity or expression, history, presentation, artistic approach and/or content, and so much more.

Deadline to Apply: Friday, August 31, 2014 -5pm

Download the full RFP for more information!


Discipline/s: All
Deadline to Apply: No Deadline; ongoing

Intermedia Arts is seeking proposals for the Catalyst Series, a new program dedicated to collaborating with and providing support for artists, arts groups and organizations working as catalysts for change in their communities. The Catalyst Series is designed to engage audiences by provoking new performing, visual, literary, multimedia and film presentations that spark dialogue and inspire social change. Our goal is to provide artists, arts groups and arts organizations with the resources necessary to focus on their creative process, connect with their communities, advance their career, market their work, and develop new audiences. We welcome your ideas for performances, screenings, exhibitions, events and projects within and across the artistic disciplines of performing arts, visual arts, literary arts, multimedia and interdisciplinary arts, and film; especially those that lead to collaborations among artists, increase visibility and awareness of under-represented viewpoints or communities, spark dialogue and inspire social change.