Artist Opportunities

Disciplines: All
Deadline to Apply: January 15, 2015

In the Spring-Summer of 2015, Intermedia Arts will train a cohort of cross-sector arts and community development leaders in the Twin Cities metro area through our Creative Community Leadership Institute. Institute sessions offer local leaders and changemakers the opportunity for personal learning, cross-sector relationships, and creative strategies, tools, and practices around the question: How do the arts and community development work together to contribute to capable and caring communities? >>MORE<<

Disciplines: All
Deadline to Apply: January 20, 2015

Intermedia Arts is seeking two artists or artist teams to participate in Creative CityMaking Minneapolis (CCM), a partnership with the Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy program of the City of Minneapolis that fosters collaborations between local artists and City departments to develop fresh and innovative approaches to address long-term planning, neighborhood and community relations, engagement, and social issues facing Minneapolis. During 2015, Creative CityMaking will embed artists in five City Projects.  This Call is to embed two artists or artist teams for the initial two departmental projects in the City of Minneapolis. >>MORE<<

Disciplines: All
Deadline for Submissions: January 28, 2015

Intermedia Arts is seeking proposals to the Catalyst Series Fall 2015 & Spring 2016 Seasons.The Catalyst Series co-presents new work in the performing, visual and literary arts, as well as multimedia and film presentations—all in partnership with YOU: artists, groups and organizations in our community focused on art, equity, dialogue, and social change. 

The Catalyst Series showcases the heart of Intermedia Arts’ mission: sparking dialogue and social change with new performing arts, visual arts and film presentations. Through the Catalyst Series, Intermedia Arts provides quality exhibition, performance, screening, meeting and workshop space to independent artists, arts organizations, youth groups, community groups and individuals who are dedicated to using art as a tool for social change.
The Catalyst Series places a particular emphasis on increasing the visibility of and providing a platform for artists whose voices have historically been underrepresented in the arts, including (but not limited to): artists of color, LGBTQ artists, women, new and recent immigrant communities, native and Indigenous artists, low-income artists, and artists exploring non-traditional pathways to success. By providing a platform to a culturally, ethnically, socially and socio-economically diverse group of artists, this program strengthens and supports Minnesota's creative community and provides a platform for many new voices to be heard.
Our goal is to provide local artists, arts groups and arts organizations with the resources necessary to focus on their creative process, connect with their communities, advance their career, market their work, and develop new audiences. >>SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSAL<<

Discipline: Spoken Word
Deadline to Apply: February 13, 2015

Intermedia Arts will award VERVE grants of up to $4,000 to 4-6 emerging Minnesota spoken word poets. The VERVE grant program is designed for emerging artists who are ready to achieve their next level of artistic success, and who are interested in developing their abilities to become artistic leaders in their communities. In addition to their grant award, recipients will also participate in a cohort program that provides community, mentorship, guidance, workshops, and resources throughout the program. >>MORE<<


Disciplines: All
Deadline to Apply: March 20, 2015

ME(me) is a multidisciplinary art exhibition featuring work by artists age 12-20, curated by Intermedia Arts' Youth Leadership Council. Opening April 9, ME(me), a play on the internet phenomenon of memes, aims to capture the pressures of youth culture; ideas, behaviors, and styles that replicate and respond to outside pressures - much like internet memes. The exhibition will feature young Minnesotan artists' insight into what we hide versus what we share in the age of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. >>MORE<<