» VERVE Grants for Spoken Word Poets
VERVE Grants for Spoken Word Poets

VERVE 2015 Spoken Word Showcase
October 30, 2015 | Friday | 7:30PM

Everyone welcome!

Featuring 2015 VERVE grant winners
Sol Ras Assanti
Brittany "Miss Brit" Lynch
Khem Clan - ShaVunda & Farrington
Joe Davis
Nimo H. Farah

The first grant for spoken word poets nationwide, Intermedia Arts’ VERVE grant program provides funding for emerging Minnesota spoken word poets who are interested in artistic advancement and leadership in their communities. Through financial assistance, professional development, and recognition within a culturally and socio-economically diverse group of literary artists, this program strengthens and supports Minnesota's literary community.

 Past VERVE grant recipients have used the grant to:
  • take time away from work to focus on their craft
  • take classes
  • hire an artistic mentor
  • travel to develop a network for exchanges and collaborations with other artists
  • attend a festival or a conference
  • develop a new show or performance piece
  • develop and implement a marketing plan
  • design a tour
  • produce a CD

 These are just a few of the possibilities. We encourage you to give serious thought to how this grant could make a difference in your career! 


WATCH the 2012 VERVE Recipient Showcase

LISTEN to work by 2012 VERVE Recipients Cole Sarar, Dylan Garity, Misty Rowan, Sam Cook, SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE, and Sierra DeMulder.

This program is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Jerome Foundation.