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we: Community Poem

(a community art project presented by Intermedia Arts and written by the community during the 2015 Twin Cities Pride Festival, after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the recognition of same-sex marriage is a fundamental right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution)
we shine
            like the night
            stars dancing in a crazy wind
we shine at the beach
            and sing in one voice, ticking like a joyous metronome
we glisten
            like a thousand divas
            laughing loudly
            loving forever
            moving forward in vociferous vibration.
we love
            fully willing
            to turn back time and do it all again.
we sing like Miriam at the Red Sea
            celebrating our international friendships
            hanging out and sharing hugs
            družim in delitev objemov.
we sing for our children and their friends
            for David (lost and sadly missed)
            for sunny days and summer skies
            for a nation as it celebrates love.
we sing so we have music to dance to.
and faces surround us –
            faces of joy and inclusion
            beaming like little lights of the world
            as fear and hatred dim and flicker and fade
we are one
            a myriad of volatile voices
            speaking in harmony
            sprouting like young green leaves
            all around us.
there is thrill in completion
            in having come this far after walking for so long
            our steps, heavy and weary.
but here we are
            a community glowing, surrounded by affection,
            strong and beautiful and authentic
            in our gender
            and in our love.
there are flags and kites and feathers
            of future generations
            majestic in their colors
            majestic in their flight
floating in unison
            as minds and hearts open
            and love (equally)
            our brothers and sisters
            in this, our Garden of Eden.
we say yes to love,
            yes to always
            yes to unity and acceptance
            and, after long last,
            to loving openly.
we say no
            to shame we don’t deserve.
like Vonnegut we hate this war
            – this fight against oppressive swords.
            yes, the battle was necessary
            to honor those who came before
            and those who have yet to come.
our guide is this brilliant sun
            a sun of intuition
            reflecting blues and greens pride of years long past,
            reflecting back to the grass where love first started,
            where love took root and grew as roots so often do.
our guides are those heroes who taught us
            to love who we are
            to fight with the strength of a diseased tree
            to stand against hatred and injustice
            and to remember where we came from.
love is always the answer, says the Court
            let her in. let her in now.
            love is the answer.  the answer is love.

and now we can find comfort in our own skin
            and not hide our love within
            and like roses we grow
            graceful despite our thorns.
in the end we are a proud
            rainbow of traditions and colors –
            a community that has learned to love
            in the midst of hate.
            faith is our pride.
we have learned to love a queer love
            an awesome, beautiful, powerful, political,
            strong, unique, colorful, big, bold, queer love
            that, when tossed away by others,
            like a boomerang always manages to come back.
and who expected this sun to shine?
            who expected love to flow,
            hugs to abound
            and kisses to flow without fear?
who expected us to be here
            brilliant as the first sun just after the first rain?
who knew we would win 5 to 4?
who knew ours would be a rapid flight,
            that feathery clouds would take wing,
            that the Court would spawn such inspiration and passion and love?
who knew freedom would taste like this?
that our bellies would expand so with such joy?
that fifty states would now be mandated
            to recognize love equally.
we shine despite the darkness
we sing despite the silence
we love despite the hatred
because love wins.
it is so ordered.
            thus sayeth the Court.
©2015, IntermediaArts