» Catalyst Series
Past Presentations: We Work Here
A Conversation of Art, Economics and Community
co-presented with Works Progress
Exhibition Run: June 5-23, 2010

What does it take to make art work?
How are artists and arts organizations re-imagining the creative economy?

What is the future of art and engagement in the Twin Cities?

This participatory art installation will ask what ideas and projects the community values, and what resources it will take to realize them. Our interactive Storefront for Ideas, Temporary Employment Agency for Creative Workers, and Exhibition Reading Room will inspire conversation and solicit creative ideas around the value of creative work to our lives, our economies and our communities.

We invite you to stop by during gallery hours to share a cup of coffee with exhibition organizers, take part in our brown bag lunches and creative dialogues, and exchange ideas through a series of playful interactions with the artists. On Saturdays, a “Sidewalk Sale” will feature special activities designed for you by Storefront artists.

In this exhibition, local think tank/creative collective Works Progress intentionally blurs the lines between artist, curator, and audience—asking all to play the role of investigator, instigator, and co-creator.


We Work Here is funded, in part, by the Minnesota Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund, as appropriated by the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008.



Works Progress is a network of creative collaborators founded in 2006. Together we create multi-disciplinary events, programs and exhibits that inspire, inform and connect, fostering new relationships that cross creative and cultural boundaries. Works Progress is: Colin Kloecker, Shanai Matteson and Troy Gallas, in collaboration on We Work Here with Bethanie Kloecker, Jaimie Stevensen, Andy Dayton, and Jeff Hnilicka.