Amy Sackett

Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher
In more than 15 years as a professional dancer, Amy has made it her mission to highlight and showcase the skills and talents of women in hip-hop while creating connections among and between male and female dancers in a culture traditionally dominated by men.


Amy Sackett has taken hip-hop dance to new heights through her innovative choreography and expansive background in everything from ballet to comedic dance to popping and locking. Since graduating with a B.F.A in Dance from the University of Minnesota, and studying at Tisch School of the Arts in NYC, Amy has performed and had her choreography featured locally, nationally, and internationally. She has opened for hip-hop acts including Bow-Wow, Mario, Ashanti, Talib Kwalei, DJ Funk Master Flex and Dead Prez.

In 2003, Amy had the honor to work and perform with Hip-Hop Heroes and Innovators at the Walker Arts Center. There she had the privilege to learn from hip-hop dance legends and originators The Electric Boogaloos and vice president of the Rock Steady Crew, PopMaster Fabel. Inspired by their passion for “true school” hip-hop culture, she became committed to passing along her “from the source” knowledge of hip-hop history, and she dedicated her time to investigating the original styles of hip-hop dance.

Amy co-founded the hip-hop dance company Collective, with whom she currently choreographs, performs, and teaches. Most recently, Collective had the honor of performing at the Flint Hills Children’s Festival at the Ordway Center for Performing Arts for the third year in a row.

Amy has been an active participant in Intermedia Arts’ B-Girl Be: A Celebration of Women in Hip-Hop festival, the only one of its kind worldwide. There she was able to meet, perform, study and cipher with some of the world’s greatest women in hip-hop dance including B-Girl Asia One, Rokafella, Collective 7, and B-Girl Aruna.

In 2009, Amy received a Jerome Foundation Travel/Study Grant that allowed her to travel to Rotterdam, Holland, where she choreographed and performed at the National History Museum in Amsterdam and attended many shows, battles, and workshops.

Amy believes hip-hop culture, as a whole, gives voice to those who are often unheard and is a way to uplift, inspire, and bring change to those communities that need it the most. Through her leadership, talent, and commitment to the preservation of authentic hip-hop culture, Amy has made her mark in the twin cities, inspiring a new generation of fierce and passionate female poppers, lockers and breakers.