July 19, 2017

So much has happened. So much is happening.
This is our planet: that is the theme for the call for artists for Graffiti & Mural Walls. So far this season, we are featuring graffiti and mural artists who are: indigenous artists, artists of color, LGBTQIA2+ artists, women artists, neighborhood and community artists, all collaborating on themes of reclamation of home, healing and community. The call is an open, ongoing call, and is an exciting opportunity for artists to consider concepts and ideas that relate to the earth and our cultural traditions connected to the earth. 
This is our planet, in flux. So resisting, healing, and creating are the call in the gallery as well. In Flux: Resist, Heal, Create is up in our gallery, and was curated by our very own Youth Leadership Council. The show is a space for participation, voice, and active construction of reality. I'm thrilled to have this immersive experience in our gallery.
This is our planet, teeming with opportunities to grow. Our Summer Arts Institutes for Teens are in full swing: last week Missy Whitman taught more than 30 young filmmakers in the Summer Film Institute to create their own story and shape their own narrative destiny. The teams worked collaboratively to make films within the span of the week, commenting on global warming, racism, empowermen
t, and kindness. This week, the Summer Graffiti Institute is convened around the teaching prowess of Peyton Scott Russell, and the focus is letter writing in the graffiti tradition. By the end of the week, families and friends will be welcomed to the institute showcase, and throughout, characters will be formed all around. Next week, we look forward to hosting another set of artists at the Summer Hip-Hop Institute, led by Desdemona. Participants will have the opportunity to explore elements of hip-hop dance, MCing, beatboxing, DJing, and visual art. 

So much has happened, and so much continues to happen. I hope to see you at Intermedia Arts soon, whether as an admirer or the exterior gallery walls or the interior gallery walls, or as a parent of a 

Summer Institute participant, or as a community member, looking for a place to connect with like-minded creatives. Whatever brings you here, we look forward to seeing you.


Eyenga Bokamba
Executive Director