June 12, 2017

We Stand In Solidarity with Native and Indigenous Communities
Intermedia Arts stands in solidarity with native and Indigenous communities, with the elders, artists, individuals, students, and organizations protesting the trauma, racism, and erasure embodied in the creation, acquisition, implementation of the “Scaffold” structure at the Walker Sculpture Garden. 
We recognize that this is a journey and yet we cannot use ignorance as an excuse.  We as institutions - large and small - must educate ourselves and examine our decision-making processes for the systemic racism we will find there as a byproduct of our society and dominant culture. It is imperative that we proactively make these organizational processes inclusive and anti-racist. 
It is our responsibility to ensure that in times already fraught with trauma, we are doing everything we can to shift the balance away from harm and toward healing. Our community has the right to expect this of us as arts and cultural institutions. We must expect this of ourselves as well.
We stand in support of native artists and communities by investing resources in native artists and communities telling their own stories, in their own words and ways. #RosySimas #Skin(s)  #Dimensions of Indigenous #GenArt #nativecurators #nativeartists #communitypartnerships 

—Eyenga Bokamba, Executive Director