About Intermedia Arts

Get your Artistic Fun

Every idea starts with a line. Start with the proper writing instruments, whether you’re doing art, writing a story, memorizing information, or underlining something you want to keep in mind for a long time.

We have all the top recommendations to get you going. All we need is for you to drop by and be moved by the rainbow of ideas we present. Have a good time!

A Few Words From Us

Leilani Carroll

Artist and writer Leilani Carroll here. My little sister inspired me to start Intermediaarts because she told me she wishes she had some motivation and help to draw those first lines and blend those first colors. 

I reckon, why not? If you have an appreciation for the arts and would like to put that passion to use, I can help you. Check out our website if you’re in need of some motivation.


Eveline Kessler

Hi, I am Eveline Kessler, a content creator. My love for colors and arts draws me here to join the Intermediarts team with Leilani. I am responsible for testing new products and techniques with her and providing honest reviews and tips based on our experience. I have gained a lot of knowledge from this, and I believe you will find her suggestions to be invaluable as well.