Artist Loft Markers Review: Are They Worth the Money?

Written by Laura Walker / Fact checked by Leilani Carroll

Artist Loft Markers Review

Enter the world of artistic possibilities as we shine a spotlight on Artist Loft markers, a relatively well-known brand amongst creatives seeking quality and affordability.

In this Artist Loft markers review, we will explore the features, advantages, and potential drawbacks of these markers, so you can decide whether they deserve a spot in your artistic toolkit.

Right off the bat, these markers come across as a decent choice for beginner artists or those with limited budgets. Vibrant and smooth, these markers’ ink is suitable for practicing layering, blending, and creating washes. Their tips, for the most part, perform impressively as well.

Overview of Artist Loft Markers

A trademark of Michaels, Artist Loft is a line of affordable yet good art markers. As such, they are considered a budget-friendly option for beginner artists.

These non-toxic and children-friendly markers come in various sets and have a decent color chart, providing artists with a selection for drawing, coloring, and other artistic applications. They also offer different marker types to cater to different needs:

  • Permanent Markers


These alcohol-based permanent markers are designed for long-lasting application. Featuring a felt tip, they are commonly used for labeling, drawing, and writing on various surfaces.

  • Sketch Markers


Artist’s Loft Sketch Markers are commonly used for illustrating. They have a dual-tip design with a bullet tip for details and a chisel nib for coloring large areas.

Also known as Artist Loft alcohol markers, these are blendable, allowing artists to create smooth transitions and shading effects.

  • Watercolor Markers


Equipped with water-based ink, these can be used both as traditional markers or blended with water to achieve watercolor-like effects. They are also popular for creating washes and layering colors.

  • Brush Markers


These feature a brush tip that mimics the strokes of a paintbrush. They offer more flexibility and control, enabling artists to create variable line widths and achieve expressive brush-like effects.

These markers with brush tips and water-based ink are typically used for calligraphy, lettering, and creating dynamic illustrations.

Each type of Artist Loft marker possesses its own unique characteristics and is suited for different artistic techniques and styles.

Type Available Tips Color Count On Offer
Permanent Markers – Dual Tips (Fine and ultra fine)

– Ultra Fine

– Fine

6, 8, 12, 24, 48
Sketch Markers – Dual Tips (Chisel and bullet) 6, 12, 48
Watercolor Markers – Dual Tips (Brush and bullet) 12, 24, 48
Brush Markers – Dual Tips (Brush and fine) 48



Individual Artist Loft markers can range from $1 to $3 per marker. Meanwhile, a 6-piece and full set (48 pieces) can cost $10 and $65, respectively. As you can see, these coloring pens are currently among the most affordable on the market.


Overall, Artist Loft markers can blend pretty well without skipping, particularly the alcohol-based ones. The ink also dries pretty fast on both regular and marker paper, thus preventing smudging.

However, due to the limited color range, there might be a noticeable disparity in terms of shade intensity between hues in the same color family. For instance, the difference between neutral #5 and #6 is too evident—this can make a seamless color transition more challenging.

Another gripe I have with the markers is that the ink’s pigment is inconsistent with the color indicated on the cap, although I have to give it to Michaels that their markers’ hues are pretty vibrant. And whereas all the other tips perform well, the brush tip is a little too stiff for my liking, not to mention that it’s also prone to fraying and collecting gunk.

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable price
  • Readily available at Michael stores and other arts retailers
  • Non-toxic
  • Pretty vibrant colors
  • Blend relatively well
  • Ink color is not consistent with the pen’s cap
  • The brush tip is not very durable and gets dirty quickly
  • Limited color range and possible noticeable color gap

Is Artist Loft a Brand of Good Markers for Artists?

Artist Loft markers provide a decent color range and can be effective for basic drawing, coloring, and simple art projects.

However, for more advanced or professional-level artwork, artists may prefer investing in higher-quality markers that offer better ink quality, durability, and a wider range of color options.

Artist Loft Vs. Other Top Brands


Artist Loft markers are a budget-friendly option for artists, but they generally offer lower quality compared to other top brands. In terms of durability, Artist Loft markers do not hold up as well, with tips that are prone to fraying.

Regarding Artist Loft markers vs Copic, the latter offers superior quality and performance. Likewise, Copic and other premium brands have a wider range of colors, deliver quality ink, and feature durable tips for extended use.

Tips for Using Artist Loft Markers Effectively


Here are some tips for using Artist Loft markers effectively, considering different types of paper and pen:

1. Depending on Paper Type

  • Marker Paper:

– Test the markers on a small area of the paper to ensure compatibility and to gauge color intensity.

– Work in layers, starting with lighter colors and gradually building up darker shades for smooth blending.

– Avoid excessive layering or saturating the paper to prevent ink bleeding or smudging.

  • Regular Paper:

– Use thicker, high-quality sheets with minimal texture, such as those from Artist Loft journals, to limit bleeding and feathering.

– Place a scrap piece of paper underneath your artwork to protect the surface beneath.

– Apply light touches to avoid damaging the paper or causing it to warp due to excessive ink saturation.

2. Depending on Marker Type


  • Brush Tip Markers:

– Experiment with different brush pressures to create variations in line thickness and achieve desired effects.

– Practice brush lettering or calligraphy techniques.

  • Chisel Tip Markers:

– Experiment with different angles to achieve different line widths and textures. For example, use the broad chisel tip for covering larger areas and filling in spaces quickly and the edge of the chisel tip for creating fine lines and details.

– Practice consistent pressure and strokes to maintain even coverage and avoid visible streaks.

3. Common Techniques

– Try layering colors (especially those in the same color family) to achieve smooth blends and gradients.

Use a colorless blender marker to blend and soften edges between colors.

– Experiment with feathering techniques by applying color to the paper and then lightly dragging the colorless blender marker across it.

4. Care & Maintenance

  • Recap tightly: Always make sure to recap the markers tightly after use. This helps prevent the ink from drying out and keeps the markers ready for future use.
  • Clean the tips: If the marker tips become stained or clogged, gently brush them against scrap paper or use a clean cloth to remove any excess ink.
  • Avoid excessive pressure: Use moderate pressure to avoid damaging the tips. If you apply excessive pressure, the tips can fray or wear down more quickly.
  • Storage: Alcohol-based and dual-nib water-based markers should always be stored horizontally. As for single-nib water-based ones, store them vertically (with the tip pointing down).

How to Choose the Best Artist Loft Markers


For the best results, you should pick Artist Loft marker sets depending on your needs. As each set contains different color combinations, knowing what you normally draw will help you narrow down the option. For convenience’s sake, here’s our recommendation:

– For Portraits:

  • Portrait Sketch Markers by Artist’s Loft
  • Dual Tip Neutral Sketch Marker Set by Artist’s Loft

– For Landscapes:

  • Landscape Sketch Marker Set by Artist’s Loft
  • Bright Primaries Sketch Markers by Artist’s Loft

– For Signage:

  • Metallic Outline Paint Marker Set by Artist’s Loft
  • Bold Primaries Sketch Markers by Artist’s Loft

– For Sketching:

  • Gray Sketch Markers by Artist’s Loft

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Artist Loft markers?

Artist Loft markers are a trademark label sold by Michaels, a popular arts and crafts retail chain. The markers are produced by various manufacturers for Michaels under the Artist Loft brand name.

Are Artist Loft markers refillable?

No, Artist Loft markers are not refillable. They are designed as disposable markers. So, when their ink runs out, they are discarded.

Where to buy Artist Loft markers?

Artist’s Loft alcohol-based markers and other variations can be purchased at Michaels stores and on the Michaels website. Michaels is a well-known arts and crafts retail chain that offers a wide range of art supplies, including the Artist Loft marker line.

Are Artist Loft markers good blending markers?

Artist Loft markers offer decent blending capabilities, and they are particularly suitable for those who are learning how to blend. However, they may not perform as well as higher-end markers, such as Copic or Prismacolor.


Wrapping up this Artist Loft markers review, these markers can be a remarkable addition to any artist’s toolkit.

Whether you are a hobbyist, student, or professional artist, Artist Loft markers offer a versatile tool for expressing your creativity with their versatile tips and budget-friendly prices. So, grab a set (or a few sets) and let them breathe life into your creations!

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