Can You Use Dry-Erase Markers on Mirrors? (Facts)

Written by Laura Walker / Fact checked by Leilani Carroll

can you use dry erase markers on mirrors

Mirror mirror on the wall… Can you use dry-erase markers on mirrors? If your mirror is not giving you the answer, don’t worry. This article can!

The good news is you can leave clear messages and reminders on your mirror using a dry-erase marker. Read on to know more details!

Can Dry-Erase Markers Be Used on Mirrors?


Absolutely! Dry-erase markers work on mirrors and will not cause any damage to them.

It is possible to get dry-erase markers off mirrors easily, too. This is particularly useful if you want to write on a mirror temporarily.

Why Is It Possible to Use Dry-Erase Markers on Mirrors?

You can write on mirrors with dry-erase markers because they are made of glass, which is a smooth, non-porous surface. The dry-erase ink of the markers will not seep and settle into the material of the mirrors because they are non-porous. And by the same token, you can easily wipe away any marks you make.

Purposes of Using Dry-Erase Markers on Mirrors

1. Leave Information


If you are like most people, you will start the day by brushing your teeth and washing your face in front of the bathroom mirror. As such, you can leave reminders and notes here. All you need is a dry-erase marker!

Alternatively, you can make notes on the full-body marker that you stand in front for a final check before leaving the house. A leave-the-house checklist can be useful, for instance. Keys? Check. Wallet? Check.

Since the marker ink is erasable, you can write new notes everyday. It is extremely handy! Plus, you will not have to waste post-its or note papers.

2. Leave inspirational/caring messages

The notes you make do not necessarily have to be for yourself. In a home shared with others, you can leave messages for others (perhaps a partner, friend, roommate, etc..)

There is no limit on what you can sprawl onto the mirror! Doodles, puns, lame jokes — it’s up to you. By this token, a specific use for dry-erase markers on mirrors is leaving inspirational quotes or mottos. Often, it is for yourself.

You can begin the day with a reaffirmation, and it will surely boost your confidence and esteem. Some quotes and mottos you can write:

  • Be gentle on yourself
  • Focus on the good
  • You totally got this
  • Do it for you
  • Good things are ahead
  • You did not come this far just to come this far

3. Decorate


Another possible purpose for using whiteboard markers on mirrors is decorating. You may doodle on the mirror, add your favorite stickers, and voila, you have your own personalized mirror! It can be both a decorative element in a room or a stress reducer.

A great thing about this is that it is not permanent. If you get tired or grow bored of a particular mirror design after a while, you can erase the ink and lay down a new one.

Since it is a relatively straightforward project, you can have your little ones join you in the fun. It will be an exciting bonding experience.

Do EXPO Markers Erase on Mirrors?


Certainly. EXPO markers come off mirrors readily. This has been confirmed by the brand’s official website. You can go ahead and use EXPO markers on mirrors!

Afterward, to erase the ink, you just need a cloth or some paper tissues. Go over the mirror once or twice. It should easily fade away. However, if it is stubborn, you can dampen your cloth or tissues and give it another wipe.

Sometimes, the marker can leave streaks after being cleared. When this happens, you can use a bit of window cleaner solution. Soak your cloth as you would with water and run it through the mirror surface. For this, it is best to not use paper tissues.

You can also clean the marker ink by going over it with the marker again. It works! For real! You just need to retrace your markers’ strokes with the marker. So, marker on marker. The new ink contains a fresh solvent that will lift the old marker ink. Then, you can smoothly wipe both away with a cloth or some paper tissues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Can you use dry-erase markers on glass? Does dry-erase work on glass?

Definitely. As we said earlier, you can use dry-erase markers for mirrors because they are a non-porous, smooth surface. Some glass surfaces that you might use them on are windows and glassware.

What brands of markers can you use on mirrors?

There are a lot of different brands of dry-erase markers in the market for you to consider. Some more famous ones are EXPO, U Brand, Arteza, BIC, and Kingart. If you use other brands, make sure to make a marker on mirror test.

What else can you use to write or draw on mirrors?

Aside from dry-erase markers, you can use wet-erase markers, acrylic paint pens, chalk markers, and lipsticks! Permanent markers are also an option. However, they will be trickier to remove if you need to.

Can you use Sharpie on mirrors?

Yes. It is possible to use Sharpies on mirrors. But unlike dry-erase markers, you will not be able to easily remove Sharpie drawings and writings. Sharpie markers and pens have permanent ink, which requires special solutions and possibly some scrubbing to erase.

Some that you can consider are nail polish remover or acetone, rubbing alcohol, toothpaste and lemon mixture, and WD-40.


As you have read, the answer to, “Can you use dry-erase markers on mirrors?” is YES! You can use these markers to write and draw on mirrors. They will not cause any damage to the surface, and it is easy to wipe them off. Dry-erase markers can be used to make notes or leave reminders and messages on mirrors. They can also be used to decorate them.

Now that you know it is fine to use dry-erase markers on mirrors, you can go ahead and do just that. What will you use the markers for? Tell us in the comments!

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