Cheapest Place to Buy Copic Markers in U.S, Canada & Japan

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cheapest place to buy copic markers

Japan is not only famous for its top-tier animation, but it is also the home of Copic markers. It was 1987 when Tools Corporation introduced these high-quality markers, and the standards for art markers have never been the same.

Therefore, the cheapest place to buy Copic markers is Japan because you don’t have to pay for import costs and tax duties. Aside from the Land of Rising Sun, Copic sellers such as BLICK Art Materials and eBay also offer lower prices.

Best Place to Buy Copic Markers for Cheap


1. Japan

Type of Copic Marker Japan US
Copic Ciao $2 $6
Copic Sketch $3 $8
Copic Classic $3 $8
Average price $3 $7

 If you are a professional artist or a hobbyist living in Japan, we know we don’t have to tell you how lucky you are to live in the best place to buy Copic markers. All you have to do is visit Tools – one of the official stores that sell Copic markers in Japan.


Tools Online Stores

1, Tools Web Shop – In 2001, Tools launched its official website. Amazingly, it was organized so you can view the products available in Ochanomizu, Yokohama Joinus (near the Yokohama station), and Osaka Umeda.

The shop also offers free shipping for orders above ¥5,500 (or about $37), which is equivalent to about 13 pieces. In the US, you’ll only be able to buy 5 markers with this amount.

To put things into perspective, purchasing a Copic Classic 12 Color Set in this online store is $66 cheaper than in the US! It costs about ¥4,514 (or $30) in Japan, while its estimated price in America is $96.

2, Tools Rakuten Shop – The shop sells Copic markers with the same super cheap price as Tools web shop. However, it also offers a free membership to accumulate Rakuten points.

To visualize it, Copic Ciao 36 marker set in this shop costs ¥8,910 ($60), earning you 89 Rakuten points or the equivalent of 1 point for every ¥100 purchased. As 1 Rakuten point equals ¥1, the total amount you will actually pay is ¥8,821 ($59) – ¥89 cheaper than buying from the Tools web shop.

The price for this same Copic marker set in the US is about $202, which is $142 more expensive! In addition, as orders above ¥3,980 ($26.5) at Rakuten are eligible for free shipping discount, so this price is a real bargain.

If possible, consider save up on your Rakuten points until you have enough to get a set of free Copic markers.

3, Tools Amazon Shop It is an exciting fact that your first order from this shop is free of shipping fees! You can also take advantage of this promo if you plan to expand your Copic collection by buying a Copic Sketch 72 marker set!

Its selling price on Tools Amazon shop is ¥29,700 (or $200). Comparing it to the price of this set in America of $576, the difference is $376! Therefore, your $576 in Japan is more than enough to purchase two sets of a 72-color Copic set!

Tools Physical Stores

Buying from Copic directly managed stores means enjoying more varieties of Copic products and benefits such as eligibility to partake in limited-edition sales! In other words, these are the best places to find a Copic Sketch 358 markers complete set.

Ochanomizu – You don’t only get to purchase Copic markers at the best prices, but Tools Ochanomizu Store also serves as a Copic Clinic.

Copic, Copic Sketch, and Copic Ciao ink refill and nib replacements are only available at the store as of this writing. A bottle of Copic Ink refill costs ¥100 or about only $0.70, while replacement nibs’ prices range from ¥50 – ¥210 or $0.35 to $1.45.

The store operates from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm on weekdays while 10:00 am to 6:30 pm on weekends and holidays.

Yokohama Joinus – Do you want to purchase a 216 Copic markers set at the best deal? You can visit this store in Japan that has complete stocks of 358 Copic Classic, Ciao, and Copic Sketch markers!

The store’s business hours are from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, while the schedule changes on weekends and holidays.

Osaka Umeda – Do you have a Hankyu Hanshin Odekake Card? You can use it in this Copic store, which lets you earn ¥1 per ¥100 amount of purchase! Once you accumulate enough points, you can use them to purchase your desired Copic products.

Its business hours are the same as Tools Yokohama Joinus Store.

Other Stores in Japan

If you cannot purchase Copic markers from the shops listed above, you can also try looking at known art and supplies stores in Japan. Some of these are Tokyu Hands Department Store, Sekaido Art Store, Daiso, and many more!

2. In the US and Canada


  • Dickblicks (BLICK Art Materials)

Dickblicks is an authorized Copic seller where you can buy Copic markers cheap. Mr. and Ms. Blick founded the company in 1911, so it has been serving art enthusiasts for more than a century.

You can find more than 60 retail stores, mainly in America. Worry not if you are not in this country because BLICK Art Materials has online stores. For instance, the stores will ship Copic markers to Canada at a very reasonable price, especially if you buy in bulk.

BLICK Art Copic markers cost around $4 to $6, which is quite cheap, considering that most other stores sell them for $6 to $8.

  • eBay

Did you run out of Fluorescent Copic markers while doing your bright artwork? Well, you can buy Copics cheapest at eBay.

eBay is a global online shop that caters to the needs of millions of customers. Likewise, we recommend buying Copic markers on this website if you are on a tight budget.

Moreover, most of the Copic markers sold on this website are in sets, wherein the average cost per marker ranges from $3 to $5.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it cheaper to buy Copic markers in Japan?

Long story short, the answer is yes. Japan is the home of Copic markers, so there won’t be import costs to sell them online or in retail stores. Therefore, the product selling price would be lower.

Why are Copic markers so expensive?

The main reason why Copic markers are so expensive is their high quality, making them last a long time. They have refillable ink and replaceable nibs, so throwing away a Copic marker once it runs out of ink is not recommended.

The marker lids are airtight so that the markers won’t dry quickly. Moreover, it is the only art marker brand with 358 colors, giving artists more freedom to express their art.

The company’s continuous innovation also plays a vital role in maintaining its top-tier brand images, such as the invention of Copic blending markers and the upgrade of Copic Various Ink to Copic Ink.

What is the cheapest set of Copic markers?

A Copic Ciao marker is a smaller version of a Copic Sketch. It has a lower ink capacity and shorter marker barrel, but the nibs have excellent quality as other Copic markers.

This type of Copic marker is also the cheapest. Therefore, consider investing in Copic Ciao markers if you want to get Copic markers but at a lower price.

Other tips and tricks about Copic markers you may also like:


Hence, the cheapest place to buy Copic markers is Japan and other Copic resellers, such as BLICK Art Materials and eBay.

While it is true that you should be willing to spend more if you are looking for quality, you cannot conjure money into thin air.

Therefore, searching for ways to spend less while still enjoying the best quality is not a shame. Do you know other shops that sell Copic markers at lower prices? We’d love to hear from you!

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