How to Get Free Copic Markers? [4 Ways to Try]

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how to get free copic markers

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Especially if what you are getting for free are top-rated markers from a well-known Japanese brand, right? Our succinct blog post will give you a few ideas on how to get free Copic markers and other tips and tricks. We will also answer several relevant FAQs. So, be sure to read until the end!

4 Ways to Get Free Copic Markers

Option #1 – Enter The Annual Copic Award


You can win Copic markers by participating in the Copic Award. This is an annual competition, hosted by the brand, that begins accepting applications at the start of July. Generally, it runs until early September.

To enter, you must submit an original artwork created using Copics. There is no theme, so you can let your creativity run wild. You can turn in drawings, painting, and 3D pieces, but anything made of fragile materials like glass and ceramic is not allowed.

There are 12 awards in total:

The Grand Prize $3,000 + a trophy
358 Copic Sketch markers
The Second Place $3,000 + a trophy
358 Copic Sketch markers
The Youth Award (Future Generation Artt Prize) 358 Copic Sketch markers
The Judges’ Award A special edition of a Copic marker set
The Future Generation Art Prize Special Prize Special 2022 edition of the Copic Set
The Pixiv Award 72 Copic Sketch markers and other awards
The Social Media Award 180 Copic Ciao markers
The Special Award Selected by Too Corporation Americas Copic airbrushing
72 Copic Sketch markers
The Regional Award 72 Copic Sketch markers
The Kids Award 180 Copic Ciao markers
The Alcohol Ink Art Award 100 colors of Copic Ink
The Craft Award Copic airbrushing
72 Copic Sketch markers

Every award has a distinct prize. However, in general, aside from Copic marker giveaways, the brand rewards exclusive interviews, autographs, trophies, and cash prices.

The competition is now closed. But you can always participate the next time it opens. Visit Copic’s Award website every now and then.

Entering the Copic Award is a fantastic way to get markers for free while also getting the chance to do what you love: create art! However, the caveat is that you must already own some Copics. After all, your entry must be made with Copic markers.

If you do not have any Copic markers yet and are looking for your first ones, you should definitely consider the next option.

Option #2 – Look For Copic Bargains During Black Fridays


You can go Copic markers Black Friday ‘hunting’ to get the best prices on Copic markers. While the brand does not often offer discounts itself, many retailers do.

Reddit users who love using Copics recommend looking into Michaels and Walmart. We can also suggest art-n-fly, copic-shop-uk, Deserres, and Blick.

This is a practical method, but you will have to wait for Black Fridays. If you want the marker right away, the other approaches below will be more ideal.

Option #3 – Scour Second Hand Copic Markers


You can also get some of the Copic markers cheapest options in the second hand market. You will be surprised by how many people put their Copics up for sale after purchasing them for rather hefty prices. You can look for them on auction sites and online retailers, like eBay.

But if you choose to do this, you must be very careful in the selection process, as there is the risk of fraud. You may not get the markers in the condition you expect, as well. Ensure you communicate clearly with the seller.

Making a post on community forums, such as Reddit and Quora is another option. You can ask for free or discounted Copic markers. When viewing existing threads, be sure to reach out to the seller for verification of availability.

Option #4 – Opt For Mock Procreate Copic Markers


If you cannot get actual Copic markers for free, you can opt for free Copic markers Procreates. These are digital mock brushes that you can use in Procreate to create work with the same effect as Copics.

Hop onto ProcreateFolio to find Procreate copic marker brush free options. Another option is There are plenty of alcohol marker brush Procreate free downloads there.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much do Copic markers cost?

Here is a summary table for easy reference.

They feature the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices:

  Copic Classic Copic Sketch Copic Ciao
Price Per Piece $7.99 $7.99 $5.49
Price For Set of 36 $287.64 $287.64 $197.64

Note: Actual prices can vary from store to store.

Why do Copic markers cost so much?


Copic markers are pricier than other brands in the marker because its quality is top-of-the-line. Its markers are hand-tested before leaving the production chain. The ink of each marker is also tested for color consistency. This ensures that every Copic marker is up to standard.

However, it requires labor, which drives up the brand’s cost and subsequently, the price tags for end users.

The caps and nibs of Copic markers also make them expensive. The caps are airtight, so the Copics will never dry out. The nibs are designed to be very durable, while also replaceable. Users are able to make the most out of these markers.

Moreover, Copic markers are not the cheapest because of their reusable nature. You can refill your Copics and use them over and over rather than buying new ones every time your old ones die.

This requires more demanding product processes and materials, making them expensive. Nevertheless, if you look at the long run, this quality actually makes the markers more economical.


As you have read, there are four different methods on how to get free Copic markers. If you really want these markers but do not have the budget to buy them, these are all worth trying.

The first method is ideal if you already own a few Copics and want more to add to your collection while the rest are recommended if you are looking for your first Copics.

Hopefully, with the help of this blog post, you will be able to take home some top-grade markers! Let us know in the comments if you do. We would love to hear from you!

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