How Do Crayola Color Wonder Markers Work? – Interesting Facts

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how do crayola color wonder markers work

As you are here, you are probably not familiar with Crayola Wonder Markers and want to master using them. Before getting into tips for using these pens, we should ask, how do Crayola Color Wonder markers work?

Crayola Color Wonder markers’ nibs contain Leuco dye — a colorless chemical that derives color when exposed to citric acid. It explains why the marker only reacts to Crayola Color Wonder paper which contains zinc ions, an acidic chemical.

About Crayola Color Wonder Markers


Do you suddenly have a trip down memory lane every time you see Crayola crayons?

Well, I do! I also bet that you encountered this famous brand during your childhood.

Crayola, formerly known as Binney & Smith, has been coloring children’s imaginations for over a century.

Moreover, the brand introduced Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Markers in 1993.

These products were associated with wonder or magic because their ink only appears on special papers like Crayola Color Wonder Coloring Books.

Also, Crayola markers made the lives of artistic children’s parents easier. They don’t have to worry about marker stains on their priced furniture.

The Mystery Behind Crayola Color Wonder Markers

If you are working on your coloring desk and suddenly wondered about the science behind Crayola Color Wonder Markers, this post is for you!

Binney & Smith played with the chemical reaction that happens when Leuco dye comes into contact with acidic chemicals like zinc ions to bring us Crayola wonder markers.

As previously mentioned, Leuco dye is a transparent liquid chemical that shows its color only when exposed to acid. It is the main component of the Crayola markers’ ink.

Therefore, these markers are indeed mess-free if they will only work on Crayola Color Wonder Papers.

The marker’s ink will only derive color when exposed to the zinc ions present on the paper. Think of these two chemicals as best friends that will only open up to each other.

That is why finding a sustainable Crayola Color Wonder Paper alternative is challenging since the other specific chemicals and processes used remain confidential.

Interesting Crayola Marker Products


Did you know that the Crayola company also offers color changing markers and other magical products? You are lucky because we listed some of them just for you!

  • Take Note Dual Ended Color Changing Pens are perfect for your journal or study notes!

They are available in four colors. These pens have dual tips – a felt tip and a color-changing chisel tip.

You can write your notes with the narrow nib, then draw over them using the chisel tip to spice up your notes!

  • Color Magic Crayola Shimmer Paper and Marker Coloring Set feature a cute shimmering effect upon coloring beautiful illustrations of unicorns.

The markers are like the Crayola wonder markers, plus the shimmering effect. It is an eighteen-piece set that contains twelve coloring pages and six markers.

This set will be a perfect congratulatory or birthday gift for children aged six years and above. If your kids love playing with colors, coloring with Crayola markers would be an incredible learning experience.

  • Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush is a children’s art set containing eighteen blank pages, six wonder paints, and a magic light brush.

Since the pages are blank, you can create a Crayola Color Wonder painting with this set.

Moreover, the brush is impressive because it lights up according to the paint’s color when placed near it.

It also has this Harry Potter vibe whenever the magic brush lights up – like you are holding a glowing wand.

  • Crayola Color Explosion Markers is a clear-inked marker that will reveal surprising colors and patterns on black Crayola paper like magic.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


Do Color Wonder Markers work on regular paper?

Yes, these Crayola Color Wonder Markers can work on normal papers. However, you risk smudging them on other surfaces when not blotting properly.

These markers that only write on paper manufactured by Crayola will be easily applied right.

You won’t have to worry about them leaving a mark on your skin, clothes, walls, furniture, and other surfaces.

How do you revive Crayola Color Wonder Markers?

Suppose your Crayola Color Explosion Markers dried out; you will need a clean and dry cloth or paper towel. Then, carefully wipe the nibs to remove possible dirt buildup.

If they are still not working, store your Crayola water markers with their nibs pointing down for 45 minutes to 1 hour to encourage ink flow.

Is Color Wonder safe?

Crayola Color Wonder Markers are safe to use. In fact, Crayola products are ACMI (Art and Creative Materials Institute) approved. It means they do not contain enough toxic substances to harm the human body and meet the standard safety qualifications.

Hence, it’s okay if your kid ate a Color Wonder Marker accidentally. That’s why these colors are safe gifts for small children.

What chemicals are in Color Wonder Markers?

As previously mentioned, the markers’ ink contains Leuco dye. However, other specific ingredients remain confidential.

Moreover, we can only conclude based on the common ingredients used in color-changing markers, such as citric acid, glycol, and non-drying detergent.

Are Crayola Color Wonder Papers reusable?

Unfortunately, Crayola Color Wonder Papers are not reusable. However, worry not because you can always buy them at Crayola retail stores near you.


To live life means to keep asking important questions. However, only a little appreciate the value of asking even simple questions.

The little moment that made you ask, “how do Crayola Color Wonder Markers Work” brought you here! Moreover, we hope we were able to answer your query.

Who would’ve thought that a little chemical reaction would give us magical markers, right? Furthermore, don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to express your thoughts.

We are willing to hear your suggestions. Have a good day!

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