How Long is a Sharpie Marker? (Size Chart Included)

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how long is a sharpie marker

Sharpie is a well-known marker brand that offers a wide range of products in packs and sets at affordable prices. When you look for information on Sharpie markers online, you can easily get various details that factor into your choices: color collection, dimensions, and types.

But what about the length?

This is worth knowing because, for most people, shorter markers are less comfortable to use. If you search for pictures of Sharpies, you will have to do a lot of guesswork.

Luckily, we have got this article on how long is a sharpie marker! The average length of a Sharpie is 5.5 inches. Read on for the details.

The Length of Different Sharpie Marker Types


Sharpie marker’s colors, ink type, tip, and purposes help classify them into various categories. In fact, the brand has five marker product lines:

  • Classic
  • Specialty
  • S-Note
  • Art
  • Pro

Within each are several other marker types, further categorized by their tip shapes and sizes. Check out some typical Sharpie marker sizes below:

Product Line Brush Type Length (cm) (including Sharpie marker cap) Length (inch)
Classic Brush Tip 14.6 cm 5.75 inches
Fine Point 13.7 cm 5.39 inches
Ultra Fine Point 13.7 cm 5.39 inches
Specialty Metallic Fine Point 13.7 cm 5.39 inches
Neon Fine Point 13.7 cm 5.39 inches
Art Oil-Based – Medium Point 14.2 cm 5.59 inches
Oil-Based – Extra Fine Point 13 cm 5.12 inches
Professional Magnum – Oversized Chisel Tip 14.1cm 5.55 inches
King Size – Large Chisel Tip+Fine Tip 14.2cm 5.59 inches
PRO – Chisel Tip 14.3cm 5.63 inches

Sharpie Classic Markers


  • Sharpie Permanent Markers (Brush Tip) – This type of Sharpie features a brush tip that can lay down both thin and thick lines. You can use it to color and shade as well. It is 13.7 cm long.
  • Sharpie Permanent Markers (Fine Point) – This is the common permanent black marker you see in offices, though Sharpie also offers it in colors. The marker’s length is ‎13.7 cm.
  • Sharpie Permanent Markers (Ultra Fine Point) – You can make all the intricate details with this ultra-fine point marker. 13.7 cm is the capped length of this marker.

Sharpie Specialty Markers


  • Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers (Fine Point) – Also in the metallic line but with a fine point instead of a chisel tip, the Sharpie is ‎13.7 cm long.
  • Sharpie Neon Permanent Markers (Fine Point) – This ‎13.7 cm long marker lays down bold neon colors. Its tip is fine-point, so you have the option to write and draw with it. The ink is particularly great on dark surfaces.

Sharpie Art Markers


  • Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Markers (Medium Point) – For rock painting and window art, this Sharpie with quick-drying, oil-based ink produces glossy marks that stand out. It measures 14.2 cm in length.
  • Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Marker (Extra Fine Point)

Similar to the marker type just mentioned, this is an oil-based decorative marker. The difference is that it has an extra fine point rather than a medium point. You can use it for extra-precise markings. It is 13 cm long.

Sharpie Professional Markers


  • Sharpie PRO Permanent Markers (Chisel Tip)

This PRO Sharpie for industrial use comes with a chisel tip for bold writing and drawing. Its Sharpie marker dimensions are 14.3 cm in length and 21.5 cm in grip diameter. It can be used on a wide range of non-porous and abrasive surfaces.

You can count on its high-contrast colors and fade-resistant ink for premium permanence. Most Sharpie fans use it for outdoor items, such as camping equipment and playground toys.

  • Sharpie King Size Permanent Marker (Large Chisel Tip)

This marker, made for tough marking jobs on plastic, corrugate, wood, stone, metal, foil, leather, and wet and oily surfaces, measures 14.2 cm in length.

  • Sharpie PRO Fine Tip

This type of Pro marker is also 14.2 cm long when capped. It is a permanent and quick-drying marker line used on surfaces, including nonporous and wet, abrasive, and oily ones.

  • Sharpie Magnum Permanent Markers (Oversized Chisel Tip)

This one is also a big Sharpie marker, measuring 14.1 cm in length. It has a chisel tip, like many of the other regular Sharpies, but the size of the tip is larger. So, you can use it for bolder lines.

Computing all the numbers above, we get an average length of 6.875 inches, which we can round up to 7 inches. In cm, this is about 18, and in mm, this is 178.

How Big Do Sharpies Get?


Sharpies offer tips in various shapes and sizes: fine, ultra-fine, chisel, mixed, brush, twin tip, and oversized. The chisel and oversized tips are the ones with larger sizes.

For example, Sharpie Magnum permanent marker has a 1/2″ x 3/8″ tip. On the other end, the Sharpie size for fine points is 0.4mm, and the Sharpie marker size for medium points is 0.8mm. The ultra-fine point is 0.2mm.

These markers are rather lightweight, as the whole Sharpie weighs about 0.31 oz. And for comfortable writing, the diameter of a sharpie does not get much biger than 11.1 mm.

How Long is a Sharpie Pen?

An S-gel pen from Sharpie measures 5.7 inches (14.6 cm) long when retracted, which is slightly taller than most of the brand’s markers.


As you have read, the answer to “How long is a Sharpie marker?” is roughly over 5.5 inches or 14 cm. They are designed with an ergonomic design, including suitable length and height for holding when writing and drawing. So, you should not be worried when using these markers for your artwork or note-taking.

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