How Much Do Posca Pens Cost? (Pricing Table Included)

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how much do posca pens cost

How much do POSCA pens cost?

POSCA pens prices range from $3.22 to $13.82. If you get special types or bulk sets, the price can be higher. A POSCA marker set of 60, for example, starts at $248.

Here is a summarized chart of POSCA markers prices from two reliable providers.

POSCA Marker Type On Amazon At Walmart
PC-MR Precise Tip (0.7 mm) $3.22 to $5.49 $14.99
PC-3M – Fine Point Tip (0.9 – 1.3 mm) $30.49 $25.96
PC-5M – Medium Point Tip (1.8 – 2.5 mm) $30.49 $25.96
PC7M – Broad Bullet Tip (4.5 – 5.5 mm) $5.42 to $13.71 N/A
PC8K – Broad Chisel Tip (8 mm) $5.55 to $13.82 $6.50 to $16.45
PC-17K – Rectangular XXL Tip (15 mm) $10.10 $13.98
PCF-350 – Brush Tip (1 – 10 mm) $6.08 to $8.40 $10.49

Since these paint pens are loved by many, you can also get cheap POSCA markers from other lesser-known providers.

However, it is not guaranteed that you will get authentic products. There are plenty of dupes and frauds on the market these days.

How Much Do Posca Markers Cost?

1. PC-MR Precise Tip (0.7 mm)


These POSCA paint pens come with precise, calibrated tips. So, you can use them to lay down refined lines.


  • Amazon: $3.22 to $5.49, depending on the color
  • Walmart: $14.99

2. PC-1MC – Extra Fine Point Tip (0.7 mm)

Full Set of 8

  • Walmart: $32.95

3. PC-3M – Fine Point Tip (0.9 – 1.3 mm) & PC-5M – Medium Point Tip (1.8 – 2.5 mm)


The former type has a very fine tip, making it perfect for small creations. The latter type features a universal bullet tip. It is flexible for all creative projects.

Full Set of 8

  • Amazon: $30.49
  • Walmart: $25.96

4. PC7M – Broad Bullet Tip (4.5 – 5.5 mm)

These large-sized POSCA paint markers are equipped with broad bullet tips that range from 4.5 to 5,5 mm. They are particularly excellent for shading, coloring, and producing large artwork that still needs precision.

  • Amazon: $5.42 to $13.71, depending on the color

5. PC8K – Broad Chisel Tip (8 mm)


This is another type of POSCA paint marker that has a broad tip. However, its shape is chiseled. Most people use it for drawing curves and filling in large areas. It is also great for lettering.

  • Amazon: $5.55 to $13.82, depending on the color
  • Walmart: $6.50 to $16.45, depending on the color

6. PC-17K – Rectangular XXL Tip (15 mm)

These POSCA pens for drawing come in ultra-large rectangular tips. They are typically used for filling in backgrounds and blocks of color. You can use them for poster boards, banners, etc.

  • Amazon: $10.10
  • Walmart: $13.98

7. PCF-350 – Brush Tip (1 – 10 mm)


Bursh-tipped POSCA markers are exactly what they sound like. They feature a soft brush tip that can be used for coloring, lettering, calligraphy, etc. These have sizes between 1 and 10 mm.

  • Amazon: $6.08 to $8.40, depending on the color
  • Walmart: $10.49

Special Types


There has yet to be a POSCA marker set of 100. But there are sets of 20, 54, and 60. These can be considered “special types,” as they do not carry ordinary price tags.

1. Set of 60 + Rubber Case

  • Pen Store: $315.83
  • Universal Art Supplies: $248.23

2. Set of 54 + Assorted Case

  • eBay: $197

3. Set of 8 Assorted Tips

  • eBay: $48
  • Etsy: $28.2
  • Walmart: $48.19

4. Set of 20 + Master Illustration Set

  • eBay: $109

5. Squeeze Markers

  • Pen Store: $132.04

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Are POSCA pens good?

Definitely! POSCA pens and markers are great and loved by many. They can be used on various porous surfaces, including paper cardboard, stone, wood, metals, silicone, fabric, and unglazed ceramic. Depending on the surface, you can use it along with a water-based varnish.

On non-porous surfaces like glass and PVC, you can easily erase POSCA ink. You just need some water and a cloth or sponge. Plus, you never have to worry about ink bleeding through paper.

How long do POSCA pens last?

The longevity of POSCA pens depends on many different factors. But the two main ones are how often you use them and how well you care for them.

If you use them to color continuously, you can expect to fill up at least 7 standard pages.

Regular day-to-day use can last you about 6 weeks. If you use the pens more frequently, this can shorten to 4 weeks.

Letting your pens lie around without uncapping them will prompt them to dry out quickly. Thus, it is essential to remember to cap them when they are not used. You should store them vertically and away from direct sunlight. The tip should be pointed down, so the ink flow is not hampered.

Other factors that can impact how long these pens last include the specific ink reservoir capacity, the type of surface you use them on, and how you are using it (are you using it to write, letter, or color?)

Where to buy cheap POSCA pens?

Since POSCA pens are so popular, many places sell them. There are plenty of places that hike the price. These places might have a good retailer brand reputation; for example, Amazon, Walmart, etc. However, you will probably have peace of mind buying from these retailers.

On the other hand, cheaper POSCA pens are available at smaller, individual-seller sites, such as eBay and Etsy. You can find great “steals” here. But the chances of being frauded are also higher.

Otherwise, you can scour local stores. Keep in mind that art shops in small neighborhoods tend to have POSCA pens with lower prices than big branded stores.

If you do not have a generous budget, you should consider buying in bulk or big sets rather than single POSCA pens and markers.


As you have read, the short answer to, “How much do POSCA pens cost?” is from $3.22 to $13.82. However, there are also special types that can go up to a few hundred dollars. You can spend less when you buy in sets rather than single pens or markers.

Two trustworthy places to get POSCA pens and markers are Amazon and Walmart. You can pick from one or the other depending on the specific types that you want. Nonetheless, the prices are not drastically different.

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