How Much Does a Marker Weigh? Find Out Here!

Written by Laura Walker / Fact checked by Leilani Carroll

how much does a marker weigh

Many of us use markers every day. They’re simple items that can do a lot of different things. We know that we can use them to draw or scribble on non-porous and porous surfaces. But most of us probably do not know more than that.

For instance, do you know how much does a marker weigh? Probably not!

The answer is from 4 to 79 grams. In comparison, a pen weigh 1.5 grams, and a pencil weigh 0.2 grams.

The wide range (4 to 79) is due to differences in marker brands. Keep reading for all the details.

How Much Does a Marker Weigh?

  In grams In kg In pounds
Sharpie 9 to 79 0.009 to 0.079 0.0198 to 0.174
EXPO 5.8 to 8.5 0.0058 to 0.0085 0.0128 to 0.0187
Copic 11 to 22 0.011 to 0.022 0.0243 to 0.0485
Crayola 4 to 12.92 0.004 to 0.01292 0.00882 to 0.0285
Gundam 30 0.03 0.0661

Note: The mass of an ink pen in grams, in comparison, is 1.5 grams.

Weights of Sharpie Markers

A Sharpie weigh between 9 and 79 grams, depending on the specific type.

  • Sharpie Permanent Marker Fine Point 9 grams
  • Sharpie Classic Permanent Marker Ultra Fine Point 63 grams
  • Sharpie Classic Permanent Marker Chisel Tip 8 grams
  • Sharpie Water-Based Poster Paint Marker 10 grams
  • Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Marker 18 grams
  • Sharpie Magnum Permanent Marker 79 grams
  • Sharpie S-Note Marker 33 grams

Weights of EXPO Markers

An EXPO whiteboard marker weigh between 5.8 grams and 8.5 grams. Like Sharpies, how much does EXPO marker weigh depends on the specific type.

  • EXPO Dry Erase Markers Ultra-Fine Tip 5 grams
  • EXPO Dry Erase Fine Tip 6 grams
  • EXPO Dry Erase Bullet Tip 17 grams
  • EXPO Dry Erase Chisel Tip 6 grams
  • EXPO Wet Erase Markers 8 grams

Weights of Copic Markers

  • Copic Sketch 14 grams
  • Copic Ciao 11 grams
  • Copic Classic 20 grams
  • Copic Wide 22 grams

Weights of Crayola Markers

  • Crayola Big Ultra Clean Washable Marker 92 grams
  • Crayola Ultra Clean Fine Line Washable Markers 4 grams

Weights of Gundam Markers

  • Gundam Paint Markers 30 grams

What Factors Affect the Weight of a Marker?


#1 – Material

The first factor that can influence how much a marker weighs is the material that it is made of. Even though most markers are made of plastic parts, no plastic is the same. One brand of marker might use thicker and heavier plastics, while another may use thinner and lighter ones.

#2 – Size

Markers of larger sizes need more materials, and the additional materials have their own weights, which add to the total ounce of the markers. As such, in most cases, big markers are heavier than smaller ones.

#3 – Size of Ink Reservoir & Amount of Ink Included

The ink stored inside a marker makes up its total weight. So, if there is more ink, the marker will weigh more.

On a different note, a marker with an ample ink reservoir has the capacity to be filled with more pigment. Therefore, it is likely to be heavier than a marker with a small ink reservoir.

Does the Weight of a Marker Matter?


How much a marker weighs can directly affect its ease of use.

  • Heavy markers tend to allow fatigue to set in faster than lightweight ones.
    If you have weak hands or intend to use the marker for a long period of time without breaks, you might want to use a lighter marker.
  • Heavy markers typically give users a more pronounced sense of stability.
    If you are counting on stability when you use the marker, perhaps while lettering, you might want to use a heavier pen.
  • Heavy markers apply pressure to the surface more easily.
    If you do not want to have to apply a lot of pressure to the surface you are working on, and in doing so, strain your muscles, you might want a heavier marker.
  • Heavy markers offer sensory feedback, giving you a better idea of the motions involved.
    If you want full awareness of your motions and pressure, a heavier marker will be better than a lightweight one.

A marker’s ease of use can impact the results it produces, regardless of the surface it is being used on. In any case, ergonomics is desirable.


How much does a marker weigh? The answer is 4 to 79 grams. This is taking into account popular marker brands: Sharpie, EXPO, Copic, Crayola, and Gundam, only.

So, there may be lighter or heavier products from other brands. If you have one that falls outside of this range (4 to 79 grams), let us know in the comments down below! We (and other readers) would love to know about it!

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