How to Refill Copic Markers? – 3 Amazing Methods!

Written by Laura Walker / Fact checked by Leilani Carroll

how to refill copic markers

Copic markers are celebrity markers in the world of visual arts. One of the reasons for this is its refillable feature which is not common with other competing brands. Once your Copic marker runs out of ink, you can purchase a Copic ink refill. If you don’t know yet, you can choose from 358 colors! Talk about options, right?

I bet you came here because you are curious about the step-by-step process on how to refill Copic markers. Well, you better hang around to learn more!

Moreover, you will discover helpful tips to apply the refilling instructions efficiently.

Ways to Refill Copic Markers


Method 1: Using Copic Ink

The Too Corporation, which manufactures Copic markers, never fails to listen to its customers. This innovative mindset is essential in staying in the competitive market.

Many customers complained about how prone the Copic Various Ink refills are to spillage. For this reason, they discontinued the production of Copic Various Ink.

Moreover, they replaced them with Copic Ink refill bottles featuring thinner nozzles that would fit the nib hole. Thus, this prevents spillage when refilling Copic markers.

What to prepare?

  • Copic marker
  • Copic Ink refill
  • Old newspapers or scrap papers
  • Copic tweezers/ regular tweezers
  1. Spread old newspapers or scrap papers on your workspace to prevent spills from leaving unwanted stains. The Copic Ink refill bottles were designed to avoid spillage, but it’s better to have a backup plan.
  2. Remove the refillable Copic markers caps to balance the pressure inside the casing of the marker.
  3. Gradually pull the marker’s chisel or broad nib with a Copic tweezer, but other regular tweezers will do.
  4. Take the Copic Ink refill cap, then insert its nozzle into the marker’s nib hole.
  5. Carefully squeeze the bottle to encourage the ink to flow into the marker. Since it is hard to see if the ink poured is enough to fill up the marker, the measuring lines on the side of the replacement ink bottle can help.
  6. Re-attach the marker nibs to the marker with a tweezer.
  7. You can now try using your Copic marker on scratch paper, then tidy up your workspace afterward.

Method 2: Using Copic Various Ink (Dripping Method)


Were you wondering how to refill alcohol markers the old way? We got you if you purchased or still have an old Copic Various ink refill set!

Since the dripping method is more susceptible to spillage, you might consider wearing protective gloves.

Just a friendly reminder, Copic alcohol ink is hard to remove on the skin.

What to prepare?

  • Copic Marker
  • Copic Various Ink
  • Protective gloves (Optional)
  • Old newspapers or scrap papers
  1. Lay old newspapers or scrap papers flat on your workspace.
  2. Hold the Copic marker in the middle with your left hand. Then, unbind its cap on both tips with your right hand.
  3. Remove the ink refill bottle’s cap. Be careful not to turn it upside-down without its cap. The last thing you want is the ink spilling all over your workspace.
  4. Tilt the marker at an inclined position with the nozzle pointing to the marker’s nib. We recommend doing this with your dominant hand for a better grip.
  5. Gently squeeze the Copic Various ink bottle to fill the marker one drop at a time.
  6. Continue squeezing until you see that you successfully filled the Copic marker’s nib.
  7. Don’t forget to clean your workplace after testing your Copic marker on scratch paper.

Method 3: Using Copic Booster Needle


Before the Copic Ink refills were made available, Copic Booster needles were offered to reduce the probability of spills when refilling the markers.

However, Copic Booster needles are no longer included in the list of Copic products on their website.

Moreover, if you got a hold of them together with Copic Various ink, you can also follow this method in refilling your Copic markers.

What to prepare?

  • Copic marker
  • Copic Various Ink
  • Copic Booster needle
  • Old newspapers or scrap papers
  • Copic tweezers/ regular tweezers
  1. Protect the surfaces on your workspace by covering them with old newspapers or scrap papers.
  2. Uncap both tips of the Copic marker.
  3. Detach the chisel or broad nib from the marker using Copic or regular tweezers.
  4. Remove the cap of your Copic Various ink refill.
  5. Hold the Copic Booster needle with your left hand and the Copic Various ink refill with your right hand. Then, screw the booster needle to the ink refill bottle.
  6. Insert the booster needle into the Copic marker. Make sure that the Copic marker and ink refill are both in an upright or vertical position.
  7. Gently squeeze the ink refill bottle so that the ink will flow into the marker.
  8. Retrieve the needle from the marker once you see that the marker’s brush nib is full of ink.
  9. Re-attach the chisel or broad nib to the marker using tweezers.
  10. Clean the stained areas, if any, with alcohol. By scribbling on scratch paper, you can check if your Copic marker is working again.

Helpful Tips or Reminders in Refilling Copic Markers

  • Refrain from using a tweezer to detach the brush nib from the marker unless you plan to replace it.

Copic brush nibs are super soft and made of tiny strands of felt. Therefore, pulling a brush from a tweezer might get it broken or mangled.

  • Always remember that you must squeeze the bottle very carefully to avoid the ink overflowing from the marker.
  • You can also take note that:
    • To refill Copic Sketch markers, you must pour 1.8ml into their barrel.
    • Copic Ciao markers, on the other hand, need 1.4ml ink to get refilled.
    • Copic Classic markers need 2.5ml.
    • Copic Wide markers need 6ml to be fully refilled.
    • You can use this guide by looking at the markings on the ink refill bottles.

This is because Copic marker barrels are not transparent, making it hard to see whether the Copic marker is already full of ink or not.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to refill Copic markers?

Copic Ink or Copic Various Ink refills cost around $7, while a Copic Booster needle costs around $2 per piece. Moreover, the average price of Copic tweezers is $9.

Therefore, the following are estimated costs per method:

  • Using Copic Ink: $7 – $16
  • Using the Copic Various Ink (Dripping Method): $7
  • Using Copic Booster Needle: $9 – $18

How do you replenish Copic markers?

You can refill your Copic marker by detaching its chisel or broad nib, then inserting the ink refill nozzle or booster needle to pour the ink inside the marker barrel.

Moreover, you don’t have to use a tweezer in the dripping method. Refill the marker by squeezing the bottle one drop at a time so the marker’s nib will absorb the pouring ink.

Likewise, you can buy Copic marker refills like a Copic C1 refill from Copic shops near you.

How often do you refill Copic markers?

The number of times you need to refill your Copic markers depends on how often you use them.

If you draw daily, expect that you’ll need to refill them frequently. However, if you seldomly use Copic markers, you have to refill them less regularly.

Copic products are not cheap because you can use them for a lifetime by refilling them once their ink runs low. Not only Copic markers, but you can also refill Copic multiliner.

How many times you can refill your Copic marker with a Copic Ink refill depends on its type. Here are the following estimates:

  • Copic Sketch – seven times
  • Copic Ciao – nine times
  • Copic Classic – five times
  • Copic Wide – three times


Hi! We appreciate you reaching this part of the post. We hope you now know how to refill Copic markers with the above methods.

Also, if you also asked yourself the question, are Copic markers worth it? We hope that after reading this piece, you already have an idea of the answer to that question.

We also like to learn from you, so we would appreciate it if you’ll share your thoughts and suggestions with us.

Besides, you also can refer more to ways to store copic markers buy check it out here.

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