How to Remove Washable Marker From Fabric Couch in 4 Steps?

Written by Laura Walker / Fact checked by Leilani Carroll

how to remove washable marker from fabric couch

Home is where the heart is, and what house wouldn’t be complete without a couch? Couches are a big part of the living room; it’s where the family comes together, where friends chill and hang out, or even where the kids play and do homework.

A clean and comfortable sofa often makes a home feel complete, but suddenly you see markers everywhere and have no idea what to do. Here are a few tricks on how to remove washable marker from fabric couch.

What to Prepare to Get Marker Out of Couch

Sure, cleaning gets tough, especially when you lack the materials to do so. If you can’t find your trusty over-the-counter stain removers, you can use these household items to get washable marker out of fabric couch:

  • Rubbing alcohol or any alcohol-based products
  • Tissues, a wet cloth, or wet wipes
  • A brush for scrubbing
  • Baking soda
  • Cold water

Step 1: Apply alcohol on the marker stain


Rubbing alcohol is a substance commonly used for sanitation. Still, it is also known to help remove ink stains on fabric and even from the skin.

To start, spray or pour a good amount of any alcohol-based products you have at home into the affected area, soak everything and let it loosen the ink.

You can use hand sanitizers, hair spray, facial products, and other household items that contain alcohol content. 91% Isopropyl Alcohol is one of the most effective products for cleaning stains.

Make sure to get the couch’s marker stains soaked, don’t let it dry up before starting the next step, or it could harden and make it harder to remove.

Step 2: Dab and rub at the stain to remove as much ink as you can.


Use anything that could help soak up the ink from the fabric; as long as the stain is still wet, you can effectively blot it out.

Wet wipes would also be effective as some products contain alcohol content. If you don’t have any, spray rubbing alcohol on a towel or a sheet of tissue as a substitute.

Remove as much of the ink as you can by rubbing them off, soaking up the ink stains from the upholstery. Continue doing so while spraying the area with more alcohol.

This will also help loosen the ink and keep it from hardening, easily get most of the washable marker out of the couch.

Once the marker stain is faded enough, and your cloth or tissue isn’t absorbing any more ink, move on to the next step.

Step 3: Spread and scrub baking soda solution on the stain.


Baking soda is a household product that proves to be effective in cleaning up stains from any material. It is also effective as a paste that proves to be good for capturing stained spots and as a soil remover on any surface.

Mix baking soda and water until it forms a paste, use a 2:1 ratio and add more when needed.

Scoop it up and spread the mixture all over the affected area, making sure it’s all nice and covered.

Scrub the paste-covered areas with your brush vigorously, this will allow the stain to mix together with the solution. Make sure everything is evenly spread, and scrub until the solution changes its color.

Once the paste covers the entire stain, leave it for at least fifteen minutes to dry.

Step 4: Remove after fifteen minutes.


Once time has passed and the mixture has dried up, rub it off clean with a wet towel to remove it all completely from the fabric sofa.

The damp towel helps lift up the excess stubborn stains while also loosening the dried-up baking soda. You can substitute this for a cotton swab sprayed with either alcohol or white vinegar.

Make sure to leave no traces of the mixture and check for more washable marker stains. If there are still leftover, stubborn traces, use rubbing alcohol and wet wipes once more to get those marker stains out of the couch.

Repeat the entire process one more time if you want to ensure that your couch is back to its neat and cozy appearance. This also helps in removing washable markers on clothes as well.

Other Tips for Getting Marker Stains Out of Your Fabric Couch.


Tip #1: Dry Baking Soda

You can sprinkle baking soda on the stain alone rather than creating a paste out of it. Dry-erase marker stains out of the couch, scrubbing the substance with a brush.

Tip #2: Leather couches and vinegar

When dealing with a leather couch, gently dampen the affected area with solely white vinegar and wipe it off with a clean towel or cloth, getting the couch free from marker stains.

Tip #3: Vinegar solution

Mix white vinegar with other cleaning products as well, like dishwashing soap, to get rid of marker stains on sofas of any material, especially synthetic fibers.

Tip #4: Nail polish Remover

Nail polish remover also works in getting markers out of the couch. Simply pour some on a rag or tissues and use it to dab and blot up the marker stains.

Tip #5: Warm Water

Warm water also helps get marker stains out of your fabric couch. Art companies have even advised washing stains with warm water to help loosen those marks. For most blemishes, including crayola marker stains, it’s advisable to use warm water before adding baking soda or other stain removers.


And that’s how to remove washable marker from fabric couch. Whether it be on clothes, on carpets, or on the couch, these stains are no match for safe and effective cleaning products. Marks left by washable art materials are now easier to remove, all thanks to simple items found in your home.

Be sure to stock up and remember to whip out your alcohol and baking soda the next time you do a messy art project, they’ll surely help you wrap everything up clean and easy.

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