How to Store Your Brush Pens Properly? – Beginner’s Guide

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how to store your brush pens

A huge but often overlooked part of using brush pens is storing them properly. It is important to know how to store your brush pens because it directly impacts your ease of use and how long you can use these writing tools.

If you do not have a solid grasp on this yet, here is the guide to read to change that. We will tell you the best way to store markers and pens. Go on!

What is the Best Way to Store Markers & Pens?


How you store markers and pens depends on their type of ink and the number of tips they have. It can also vary from brand to brand.

1. The Type of Ink

  • Alcohol-Based: Markers and pens that are formulated with alcohol must be stored flat on their sides. Otherwise, their inks will flow to just one tip and leave the other dry.
  • Water-Based: Water-based markers and pens are more lenient. You can store them upright or flat on their sides. Do this when you store watercolor brush pens
  • Oil-Based: Oil-based markers and pens, like paint markers or acrylic pens, should be kept horizontally. This ensures that their inks are distributed evenly and frees you from the hassle of dealing with clogged delivery.

2. The Number of Tips

  • One: Single-tipped markers and pens can be stored either horizontally or vertically. This decision can be made based on the type of ink.
  • Two: Markers and pens with two tips should be stored horizontally. While some brands can still endure being kept upright, it is ideal to leave them lying in a case. This way, the ink inside of them will not pool to one tip and settle there but remain evenly distributed.

The Brand

 01 Store Tombow Markersv

It is best to store Tombow dual brush pens horizontally. This ensures adequate ink flow towards both ends. It is also recommended that you rotate the pens once in a while.

 02 Store Sakura Brush Pens

    • Koi Brush Pens: Store these horizontally or vertically.
    • Pigma Micron Pens: Store these flat on their sides.
 03 Store Sharpie Brush Pens

    • Sharpie Brush Pens with Single Tips: Keep these in a vertical position with the tips pointing down.
    • Sharpie Brush Pens with Dual Tips: These should be kept lying on their sides.
 04 Store Faber Castell Brush Pens

You should store these brush pens horizontally. Keeping them tip-down or tip-up will hinder the ink flow and cause clogging issues.

 05 Store Ecoline Brush Pens

Ecoline brush pens, whether pastel, earth, or any other sets, can be stored horizontally or vertically.

 06 Store Pentel Brush Pens

As with those from Ecoline, you can store Pentel brush pen horizontally or vertically.

 07 Store Arteza Brush Pens

The Arteza official website recommends storing these brush pens vertically. Their tips should be pointed down, and they should always be away from direct sunlight exposure. By doing this, the brush pens will always have a smooth ink flow and deliver vibrant results.

 08 Another Important Aspect to Remember

Besides how you store your markers and pens, it is also important to think about where you put them. The general rule is somewhere dry and cool. Most marker and pen brands suggest a room temperature setting. By the same token, you should avoid placing them in places that are humid and moist or under harsh sunlight.

Why Do You Need to Store Markers & Pens Properly?


The two key reasons for learning how to store markers and pens are ease of use and longevity. Let us look at both now.

1. Ease of Use

Storing markers and pens correctly can ease your use of them. If they are not properly stored, their ink flow will be disrupted, and you will not be able to just whip them out for writing or drawing anytime you want.

Instead, you will have to find ways to get the ink flowing, like shaking or using solvents to revive them. This costs you time, effort, and resources. Plus, you will be frustrated and be pushed to just give up. If you just want to use the marker or pen quickly, the trouble will not feel worth it at all.

2. Longevity

Correctly-stored markers and pens last longer. This means you can get more out of them and not lose your money’s worth. After all, many of these writing tools are extremely expensive, especially for beginners.

Aside from saving your cash, you can save the time and effort of going to a store to buy new markers and pens. You also lend a hand in minimizing the number of these items that end up in landfills and hurt the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you store pens up or down? Do you store pens horizontal or vertical?

As we mentioned above, this depends on the type of ink and the number of tips that your pens have. They should be flat on their side if they are alcohol-based and oil-based or dual-tipped.

However, it is still best to check the brand’s specific recommendations. Consider looking at the official website and the packaging labels.

What are some storage brush pen ideas?

You can get store-bought brush pen storage online or offline, or put together a homemade DIY marker storage. Here are some ideas you can think about giving a try:

For horizontal storage:

  • Store-Bought: Get a fabric or plastic case, or buy a plastic horizontal organizer.
  • DIY: Convert a wine rack or caddy rack, or make a racking system using PVC pipes.

For vertical storage:

  • Store-Bought: Get a plastic or metal holder or stand, or an organizing desk cube.
  • DIY: Make a caddy with cardboard and toilet roll cores or repurpose a makeup organizer.

Not only will these ensure that your markers and pens are kept in the right position for optimal performance, but they also help to organize them.

Instead of rummaging through your drawer every time you want to use your markers or pens, you can easily pick them out from your storage unit. This is especially ideal if you have an extensive set of markers or pens, and you often need to choose between colors.


Now that you have read through this guide on how to store your brush pens properly, you do not have to scour through Reddit threads to find help. Just remember that correct storage is affected by the markers or pens’ type of ink and the number of tips.

Once you have an idea of how to keep markers and pens, do not forget to think about the “where.” Be sure it is a dry and cool place.

Hopefully, this guide has been helpful. If you have any additional thoughts you want to share or questions you want to ask, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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