Why Are Copic Markers So Expensive? – 5 Reasons

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why are copic markers so expensive

Artists need their medium, tools, and art materials to share the works of their creative minds with us. As for visual arts, there are a lot of known brands out there in terms of markers. However, the Copic brand stands out because of its high-end products.

From an outsider’s viewpoint, one might wonder, why are Copic markers so expensive? It is mainly because buying Copic Markers is a one-time investment with their refillable ink, replaceable nibs, and superior quality.

5 Reasons Why Copic Markers Are So Expensive


Many people associate high prices of goods with excellent quality, but is it true? Do the benefits outweigh how expensive are Copic markers? Stick around to find out.

1. One-time Investment

The Copic marker cost is way more than its competing brands, but if you take a closer look, you will understand why. Proper care of these markers might make them last a lifetime as they have refillable ink and replaceable nibs.

Unlike other low-end brands, throwing away a Copic marker once its ink runs low is a no-no. You get what you pay for because Copic Ink refills a marker approximately seven times.

Not just that, their containers are air-tight, so the ink will not quickly run dry. Once the nibs wear out through time, artists and hobbyists can also choose different types to suit their preferences.

2. Superior Quality

Copic markers are alcohol-based, which is one of the reasons why they are marketed as high-quality markers. Alcohol-based features produce more vibrant colors than water-based markers, blend more, and are quicker to dry.

The nibs of these markers are also famous for being the best in the market. The strokes produce an almost solid tone with little or no streaks. Moreover, the blending ability of these brushes is impeccable, which makes multiple layering inconsequential.

With its world-class quality, Copic markers target to penetrate the growing market of professional artists. Hobbyists and beginners can also invest in these classic graphic markers, but the high-caliber features are not just for enjoyment.

3. Innovative Designs

One of the things that this modern world adores is innovation. It encompasses change and induces more choices. Since 1987, Copic markers have been set on a high pedestal, most likely because of their innovative features.

Types of Copic Markers

  • Copic Sketch is the bestseller among the other types of Copic markers. Copic Sketch markers are available in 358 colors worldwide. The ink amount of every marker is 1.8ml which can be filled up to seven times by a Copic Ink refill.
  • Copic Ciao markers have fewer ink amounts (1.4ml) and available colors (180), but are much more affordable than Copy Sketch. Consequently, a Copic Ink refill fills a Copic Ciao marker up to nine times.

It has 214 available colors formulated to suit professional designers’ needs. Its available nibs can differentiate it from the two types of Copic markers.

Copic Sketch and Ciao have super brush and medium broad nibs, while the Copic Classics have standard broad and fine nibs. If you previously owned Copic Classics, worry not because it also has classic brush replacement nibs.

  • Copic Wide are customizable empty markers with the available 358 colors of Copic Ink refills as of this writing. Copic started offering these markers for shading large areas of design backgrounds.

The ink amount is around 6ml, which is why it can only be refilled thrice by the Copic Ink refills.

Types of Replacement Nibs

  • Super Brush replacement nibs are available to both Copic Sketch and Ciao. These soft and double-layered brushes are suitable for blending, layering, and drawing both thin and thick details.
  • Medium Broad nibs are sturdy and can be used for drawing thin or thick lines by adjusting the angle of the marker. These are also compatible with Copic Sketch and Copic Ciao.
  • Sketch Fine replacement nibs can be attached to the Copic Sketch’s Medium Broad nibs slot. They are specifically made to sketch thin lines.
  • Standard Broad nibs are slightly broader than the Medium Broad of Copic Sketch. These are only available for Copic Classic markers.
  • Classic Brush nibs are very convenient for those who have Copic Classic markers. They do not have to purchase Copic Sketch or Ciao markers to achieve the exceptional blending ability of super brushes.
  • Standard Fine replacement nibs are like Sketch Fine nibs, but they are exclusive to Copic Classics.

Apart from the innovative designs mentioned above, one exciting feature of Copic markers is their double-ended tips. This functionality makes exploring different strokes and styles using the same color more convenient.

4. Copic Color System

In case you forgot, Copic markers are available in 358 colors. Yes, you read it right! Copic has its customized color wheel showing more than 350 colors. It is called the Copic Color System, wherein you can identify each color shade from its unique code.

Moreover, this coding system makes it easier to choose your desired colors for your project. Not only that, but you should also know that you can mix the available colors to create new ones! How exciting is that?

5. Non-toxic and Acid-free

Nothing is more rewarding than finding a pursuit without worrying about its harmful consequences. Creating works of art with Copic markers is guaranteed to be safe. The materials used, especially Copic inks, are non-toxic and acid-free.

Are Copic Markers Worth It?


Suppose you are a professional artist who aspires to create awe-inspiring artworks using only the best materials available. In that case, Copic markers are worth it.

The benefits outweigh the costs because Copic markers have a “long life design”. Moreover, Copic markers are also worth it if you are a hobbyist or a beginner and feel a deep passion for the arts. Why not learn with the best materials, right?

Copic marker is indeed the most expensive marker that you can find on the market. On the contrary, it also offers quality experiences that cannot be expressed in dollars or whatever currency there is.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


If you have reached this far, you probably know the answer to the question: why are Copics so expensive? Likewise, we also answered some frequently asked questions if you plan to search some Reddit queries regarding Copic markers.

What are the cheaper alternatives for Copic markers?

To name a few, Prismacolors, Ohuhu, and Bianyo markers are cheaper alternatives to Copic markers. It would be great to own a set of Copic markers. However, we recommend these brands if your means permit you to do so.

Their quality may not match that of Copic markers, but they are also good quality markers at affordable prices.

If Copic markers are sold at low prices, I bet you would be asking the question — why are Copic markers out of stock everywhere? Nevertheless, we don’t live in a utopia, so you must pay more to seek excellence.

Why are Copic markers cheaper in Japan?

Copic markers are cheaper in Japan because they don’t have to be imported. Thus, there are no import costs which means less markup charged on the cost of these markers.


The price of a thing often depends on the value that it gives to us. When you try to find the answer to “why are Copic markers so expensive?”, it is essential to look at the value they offer.

The Copic products are expensive because they possess high-caliber features, which were not achieved through mediocrity. These art materials went through an arduous process just so they could be used almost seamlessly.

We hope that we were able to answer your query. If you would like to share additional information about Copic markers, please feel free to contact us.

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