Winsor and Newton Pigment Marker Review

Written by Laura Walker / Fact checked by Leilani Carroll


Winsor & Newton is a unique brand that offers pretty special products that have earned quite a following for some time. However, you should know that the brand does not release markers anymore.

In this Winsor and Newton pigment marker review, we will delve into their notable features, performance, pricing, pros, and cons to determine whether they are worth the investment. Read on!

Notable Features of Winsor and Newton Pigment Markers

1. Aerodynamic Shape


The ergonomic design of these markers incorporates an aerodynamic shape, enhancing their aesthetic appeal and contributing to a comfortable grip during extended creative sessions.

2. Color Indicator


One of the standout features is the color indicator present around the barrel of each marker. This thoughtful addition makes it easy to identify each color identification even when the markers are stored vertically.

3. Bullet & Chisel Tips


Thanks to their dual-tip design, these markers offer a dynamic range of artistic possibilities. The bullet tip, similar to what you would find on permanent markers, provides precise lines and detailing, while the chisel tip allows for broader strokes and shading effects.

4. Wide Color Range

Winsor and Newton Pigment Marker Review

With an impressive selection of 118 colors, these markers offer an extensive palette that caters to diverse artistic styles and preferences.

Performance & Quality

1. Color Vibrancy & Accuracy


An area where Winsor & Newton pigment markers truly shine is their ability to produce colors that are vibrant and rich.

The markers are known for their capacity to capture the nuances of colors, so the hues remain consistent and accurate on various surfaces.

This vibrancy lends an energetic and dynamic quality to artwork, enhancing its visual impact.

2. Durability & Lightfastness


Winsor & Newton is renowned for its commitment to producing excellent lightfastness and durability art materials. Pigment markers from this brand are no exception.

The pigments used in these markers are chosen for longevity, ensuring that the colors maintain their brilliance over time.

3. Paper Compatibility

While Winsor & Newton pigment markers excel in many aspects, they exhibit some selectivity regarding paper compatibility.

While they can produce impressive results on various surfaces, using Winsor & Newton’s paper can further optimize their performance.

The markers interact particularly well with the recommended paper, resulting in the best color saturation, blending, and overall quality.

4. Price


The price point of these lightfast art markers is a notable consideration.

While they offer excellent quality, their pricing is higher compared to some alternatives in the market.

Individual Marker Prices:

  • Colored pigment markers: Each colored marker ranges in price from $3.97 to $7.99 per piece, depending on the color.
  • Colorless & White Blender Markers: These specialized markers are priced around $4.79 each.

Set Prices and Cost Savings:

  • 6-Color Set: Priced between $23.99 and $39.99, this set includes 6 colored markers. Purchasing a set offers a discount compared to buying each marker individually.
  • 12-Color Set: Available at a fixed price of $47.99, this set provides an even better value for those seeking a broader selection of colors.
  • 36-Color Set: This comprehensive set includes 36 colored markers and ranges in price from $149.97 to $249.99. Despite the higher upfront cost, this set offers substantial savings compared to buying individual markers.

Pros & Cons



  • Vibrant and true colors for striking and impactful artworks
  • The dual-tip design, featuring both bullet and chisel tips, offers versatility and flexibility in artistic expression.
  • With a wide range of 118 colors to explore and experiment with, enhancing their creative potential.


  • The caps of these markers are non-stackable, which might lead to issues with organization.
  • Heavy use can potentially lead to the fraying of tips, affecting the precision and quality of lines.
  • The non-replaceable nature of the tips means that a new marker is required once they wear down, which can be both costly and environmentally less friendly.
  • The markers are not refillable, adding to long-term expenses and waste generation.
  • Despite their exceptional quality, Winsor and Newton markers are considered relatively expensive, especially when viewed as disposable items.
  • Winsor & Newton pigment markers are somewhat picky regarding compatible surfaces. The brand’s specific paper is recommended for optimal results.

Is Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers Worth It?

The answer depends on your artistic goals and budget.

These markers could be a valuable investment if you prioritize vibrant colors, blending capabilities, and a wide color selection.

However, their higher cost, non-durable tips, and compatibility constraints might cause you to reconsider.


Concluding this Winsor and Newton pigment marker review, Winsor & Newton pigment markers offer exceptional color quality, blending capabilities, and a versatile tip range.

While they have drawbacks, their worth is determined by individual preferences and priorities. If their strengths align with your artistic needs and you are willing to manage their limitations, these markers could indeed be worthwhile additions to your toolkit.

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